cPanel/WHM One-Time Help Wanted For People

I need help to transfer 75 WHM/cPanel hosting accounts from 1 server to another. I have a PHP1000,00 budget to get it done asap.

Peferrably someone with cPanel/WHM experience. If none, it is kind of procedural as long as you have these skills:

  • Has logged into cPanel and knows how all the basics look like.
  • Has used SSH at least once.
  • It would help if you know how WHM looks like.

If you do not have those skills, that’s fine, I can teach them in 1 hour or less probably be showing how to transfer 1 account and you will proceed with the rest. Probably a good experience for you to learn as well.

Needed ASAP. I wish to get this done within 24 hours.

And if you do a good job, you will do this again probably in the next few weeks for more hosting accounts on two more servers, of course another payment again.

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