12 more days to SEOContest2008

just 12 more days before the SEOContest2008 will end. It ends on April fools day although this is no joke. UK Webmaster World is giving away $1,000 to the website ranking number 1 on Google for SEOContest2008. Good luck to all the competitors:

Everyone listed above are the compiled Pinoy competitors. I am not sure if there are more.

Kung Pinoy ka at gusto mo din tumulong sa mga kababayan, at may mga blog din kayo, paki post na lang ang kwento din na ito kumpleto pati mga links isama ninyo.Mabuhay ang Pinoy SEO!

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2 thoughts on “12 more days to SEOContest2008

  1. Go Benj…It seems you are in the 1st rank… Mabuhay ka.. 🙂 Wrong spelling poh ata yung name at URL entry ko poh..:) It should be Eric Marantan – camalaniugan.com/uk/Seocontest.html, thanks for the post, keep your rank on the top.. goodluck.. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

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