San Diego FireStorm October 2007

It’s now Day two of the fire storm in San Diego. We spent the night at Mira Mesa at Uncle Totoy and Auntie Linda’s place. Thank you very much for accommodating us all including two noisy kids that ran all over the place. Added challenges was we had my Sis-in-law’s new born 1 month premature baby Anica with us whom we picked up at Sharp Mary Birth Hospital.

I tried going to work on Tuesday, day 3 of the wild fire but my wife and in-laws needed me for several important errands going back and forth to the pharmacy getting their medicines. With no computer to use and my phone, a Palm 750 mysteriously kept rebooting all day, I was offline most of the day.

Late in the afternoon, the Fire was still going but was mostly near the Del Mar area and Camp Pendleton area. And the Witch Fire was said to have merged with the Poomacha Fire. This was also the time we saw in the news that residents of Rancho Penasquitos were now allowed to move in back home. So we all moved back and it was a big task of moving in back all the things we moved out and stuffed in the van. I was just able to setup my computer again and had 3 days of emails to catch up with.

Although it is declared safe in my area, it is sad to know that the fire is still on going and I have heard in the news that people affected by the Harris fire in the areas near Otay Ranch are still in the mandatory evacuation status. I hope the fire dies even earlier and does not make any other damage and add to the number burned homes where many people have invested so much in the expensive real estate here in San Diego.

So for everyone in the Philippines that might be worried, good news is we are all back home. Tita Janet gave birth to Anica who Jamie and Darryl are excited to play with already. No more fire threats in our area. And it is going to take probably 2 more days for me to get all my stuff fixed up in the room again.

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  1. hey Benj,
    good to see you’re ok. I had to close store early on Monday, closed it entirely on Tuesday, and open a bit later yesterday. The air quality was the main reason because Vista where store is located was not in immediate danger of fire but the surrounding cities were and as the result all the smoke was coming through Vista creating major health issue. We decided to close on Tuesday cuz last thing people think about in such conditions is to buy a soccer cleat!

    Anyways, looking forward the next meeting.



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