SEO World Championship is Over

UPDATE: Yes it’s official – I won! πŸ˜€ Thanks to GetUpdated/EastPoint for the contest. Here are the official list of winners.

Previous post below, before winners were declared….

Although my GlobalWarming Awareness2007 entry was the current number 1 site when the contest ended, they say they will come up with the final results after 24 hours. So to make it official, I guess we will have to wait.

A few things I can say about this contest in my own opinion:

  1. Content is still king! Good content keep people stay, come back and spread the news in a natural manner.
  2. Design is still important. Not that it has to be really superb, but at least it does not look bad that people will not trust you nor trust the content of your website. Make it clean and presentable to help drive more traffic, world-of-mouth promotion and more effective website link baiting.
  3. And SEO is a pay-it-forward type of industry. The more help you give out to other people, the more help you receive when you need it.

SEO contest is a test of oneÒ€ℒs skill to rank for a certain keyphrase in search engines. But the real SEO work is really much more than that. I happy I was able to showcase my skills in this contest and was victorious, but I have high respect for all the other competitors since it was not an easy win. I was still worried and nervous up to the last minute of a come-from-behind win from the other competitors. I would like to add that 20% of my efforts in getting the top spot in this contest were through the help of the many SEO professionals in the Philippines. This win is not completely my win. It is a win of SEOPhilippines. Where competent and skilled SEO professionals are, SEO professionals in the Philippines have high reliability in off-shore SEO outsourcing.

While waiting for the official winner announcement, in the meantime, I have prepared my long list of thank you’s already and tried to make sure I left no one out. Arranged in no particular order, but trying to do it chronological as how I remember it.

SEO Philippines Community

SEO Friends in San Diego

Marko Nikolic, Dru Kelly, Glen Batuyong did not help me in this contest but they did in the past in another SEO contest. Maybe this is still a nice time to say thanks to them also.

Services I got from our friends on Digital Point

I did not ask for the services of other friends in India Robin Gupta’s Directory Submission, Sunil Submitshop in this contest but these two guys are cool tool. They helped me out in earlier contest I joined with their services.


If ever this list is incomplete and I failed to remember you, sorry, I’m just human, it’s sometimes hard to remember everyone.

I did a backlink check as well to help remember some people. I will not mention diggers and people that fell for my link baits since I really don’t know you anyway. *LOL* And for those that added my site to the Cialis and Viagra sites all on different domains that all looked the same, I don’t know if you were helping me or doing the opposite. *LOL* Peace out guys. I understand that competitions are really like that.

Of course thanks to my family and people in my company who were patient with me as I went through the contest as well. I love you all.

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72 thoughts on “SEO World Championship is Over

  1. Benj,
    congratulation to you, you deserve to be the champion, as you on quote”And for those that added my site to the Cialis and Viagra sites all on different domains that all looked the same,”, when I was at the top for a almost 2 weeks, then check my backlinks, i have also seen several my entry on different viagra, spam casinos, link farms, etc, LOL, anyway it is just part of the game!

  2. It’s people like you that make the Internets a better place. What could be a better use of one’s time than polluting the internet with more useless websites? Way to go, Benj!

  3. Benj, you are my Hero! I am proud to have such an intelligent, kind and friendly friend like you! You treat every person equally, that’s why you are getting respect and support from the people. Excellent job with the First World SEO Championship contest! We are very proud of you my friend. I am glad Pilipino community is willing to help you in the times when you need it. I personally want to thank everyone from Pilipino community myself. You guys are very intelligent in any way including our favorite thing which called Search Engine Marketing world!

  4. Congratulations Kuya Benj! Truly you are a world class Filipino. We are so proud of you! πŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations my friend, a well deserved and hard-fought win.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re getting your car into the united states. haha


  6. yaaaay benj! Bamtastic is right πŸ˜‰
    Glad I could help. So when are we goin for a ride? I’ve never been in a Citroen, but they’re so cool; AWD I think. Let’s rally it! πŸ˜€

  7. Congrats, Benj! Don’t forget the “small people” as you keep rising to the top! πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

  8. “My car is not that problematic that it becomes too expensive to maintain. And having cars just to look cool is far from my personality. I just need a good fast car to bring me from point a to point b.”

    Your wish is my command bosing! Im giving you a Brand New Citroen C2!

    Arbor ko na lang yung Paseo mo ha! πŸ˜†

  9. Sana pinost man lang dun sa seoworldchampionship yung names ng winners, hindi puro URL lang.

    CNN interview coming up!

  10. benj,

    i may not know you dude, but surely iam proud for you being the champ, you really have proven that pinoys are world class. idol na tuloy kita in terms of SEO (iam just a newbie to this). keep it up.

  11. Congrats Benj! Though we now have a SEOPH forum, I miss your yahoogroups post. You are a fun guy and deserve the car. I think you will sponsor the next SEOPH contest. =)

  12. hi ben,

    im melvin from the infotech section of the manila bulletin. i’d like to make a story on your recent win. what’s your email ad? thanks.

  13. Hi, Benj! You may not know me, but I’ve officially become of your biggest fans (effective ito last week when I heard the news about your victory – haha!) Congratulations! I don’t know how you do it.. I’m in awe. 0.0

  14. Hi Benj,

    Arshad here Congrats for putting such good efforts !!

    I am India’s or may be world’s youngest seo (age 18) and will complete my 19 yrs of age on 25th November.

    Let me discuss with you something about my seo contest Era.

    I was alone working on my seo contest website, i was searching for the good people (SEO Experts) to do work on my site but no one knows about seo.

    So, i found very difficult to work alone and there was exams of BSCIT (first year) in my college for 2 weeks. That was a key jerk made my site down very bad from 4th position to 16th in google. And i was finding very hard to retain my place, than i worked for last 12 days for my seo contest i.e.18th,April….which boost my ranking to 8th position on google on last day of contest !…….

    I think we both can become good friends…please let me know when you are free to have chat with my id ****** or we can have email communications


    Seo/Sem Analyst

  15. Hahaha, masmagaling na SEO si tukayo!

    You left this comment on Aaron Roselo’s blog. Hehe. I don’t know SEO. Weird talaga.

    Whenever I feel down or depressed, I go to this post and read all the comments. wahahahahaha

  16. Hi Benj, I congratulate you on spreading far and wide the light of the Filipino nation…Taas noo kami sa iyong pagkapanalo. By this way our nation will not only be known as sources of DH but also of venerable talents able to compete head on with the best of the world.

  17. Congratulations! You make me more proud to be a filipino. sorry for the late greetings. i just started my blog last march and i had not much idea about blogging and the filipino bloggers. again congratulations..

    i hope you can give my blogs a visit and tell me how to improve them. i got the top spot for the keyword “legitimate earning sites” in google, but i don’t even know for sure how i did it.

    well, just visit my blogs and ill be super honored.thanks and Go Pinoy!!!

  18. While content is the king,sometimes you can’t have it..
    I am a photographer and I think google should really ease up on flash sites. I need to have my site in flash,in order to show style and make my site look presentable. I can’t have content on it. Google should make content important for informational sites,such as blogs and articles. Media/entertainment sites are not suppose to have a lot of content

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