What really is PPP?

In the online advertising world, people have been doing this in several ways and one of the most effective ways are ranking high in organic results in search engines. But some how, this has been getting more and more competitive in some markets like in the Pharmaceutical, Porn and Online Gambling industry. And this is where spamming was the last result of these types of companies, from spamming email, spamming forums, spamming blogs, and everything. But spam just does not really work. Nice written write up contents still work best. So the PayPerPost.com that pay bloggers to have ads on blogs is a good way to spread the news, but I have heard from somewhere that PayPerPost.com, PPP is really just a bait for many bloggers to start blogging about Viagra and Porn websites in the future and PPP really meant Porn and Pills for Pharmaceuticals.

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