Actually I like watching all kinds of car racing, from F1, to Rally, to NASCAR, I must say I am a bit bored with Indy 500 since it keeps going in the same direction in an oval. At least NASCAR has some lefts and rights and not only left. Not that I am saying NASCAR is better than Indy 500. It is just my personally preference.

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  1. Hey Benj. Im leaving Einstein at the end of this week to go work at Welk resort. Its close to my house and seemed like a really cool place to work.

  2. Hey. I need your help with php. I want to create a simple CMS system that lets someone login, and after they are logged in display text area where they can type text and after they submit it have it display on my index.html page. I dont want to write it to a database just to a text file. Im not sure how to call it into a regular .html page. Please help. Thanks. Marko

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