The Truth About Q33 NY

Have you heard about Flight Q33 that it was one of the 9-11 flights that went into the World Trade Center? And then you change the font of Q33 NY to Wingdings, it shows a message of what happened in the last September 11 tragedy in New York. So is this Q33 NY thing true or not? Well there was really no Q33 flight going to NY at all.

But the Q33 NY flight was made so popular by some circulated email. Along with other numbers trying to look for coincidences in the event.

To know more about this email circulating with the Q33 NY thing, go to the article on with the story about the email that has been circulating that has the Q33 NY.

Q33 NY is not true.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Q33 NY

  1. Actually, there is no flight q33,but you can still put the actuall flight numbers together to get that. flight 11 and 175. q is the 17th letter in the alphabet, which leaves you the numbers 11 and 5. Put 11 and 5 together and you will get 16. then add 17, and you get a total of 33. q33. I cant believe people didnt figure this out.

  2. Bullshit–even though both 175 and 11 numerologically break down to “5” just like q33 does, this means nothing. You could come up with an infinite number of codes that add up to “5”. Doesn’t change the fact that some loser pulled “Q33 NY” out of his ass, knowing what the wingdings look like, and posted this hoax.
    Q33 NY has NOTHING to do with any of the flights–this garbage draws people away from actual factual evidence and makes you look insane and stupid.

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