Sometimes My Writing Makes No Sense!!!

Just to let you all know…

My fingers do something different that what I am thinking of. And there are a lot of common mistakes that I do all the time. These usually are:

1. My d’s become g’s and my g’s become d’s. Same rule also with the letters p and b, the same interchange mistake. I first noticed this since high school, while writing. I thought it was a hand stands problem, but then I noticed I had the same problem in typing, which just proves it is really in my head and is not just a hand stands that I got used too. I do not know what is causing the problem, but I personally call it a flag problem. Since I think my head is treating these letters like images as a circle and a flag that looks similar to a quarter note in music. And you can place the flag anywhere you want and it will look like any of the letters p, b, g or d. And my mind if thinking of these letters as a circle and flag just like the note and when writing or typing fast… it looks like the position of the flag on the left and right side on the circle is always correct, what my thinking gets wrong if the top or bottom.

2. My hands are used to typing in some words. An example is, if I want to type the words serve or several, my fingers just type fast and they end up typing server. And for some reason, a common mistake I do is for the word now. I sometimes type not. And also for the word or, I sometimes type of.

3. The worst is this… Complete in my head, I thought I typed a bunch of complete sentences… I feel like I did type every word. And if I do not proof read what I typed, you will see a bunch of missing words. The spellings are nearly always correct, but some sentences just lack words. The do not lack letters. They lack words. Come to think of it… it is like my thinking is treating each word like a character set that my fingers know to type already on a per word basis. That is why the per letter mistakes do not happen, but the per word happens all the time. I totally miss whole words in some sentences.

Most of the time, after typing something for my blog, I just do submit and I do not read the stories I typed. If you think it makes no sense, even I think it makes no sense. Just try to understand it. Nyahahah.

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