Flashed my BIOS, now Windows is not working.

All my USB problems seemed to point to my BIOS. That my BIOS needs to be updated by flashing it with the latest BIOS version. My board had a lot of on-board stuff, on-board 5-channel audio, on-board SATA/RAID controllers, on-board LAN, USB 2.0 ports. So these all had controllers and drivers. Now that I updated my BIOS, Windows won’t continue, probably a problem with the drivers of these on-board equipment. Even if I delete them from the device manager, and refresh it, it still seems to pull the old driver from it’s old location and still does not work. I took out almost every startup item I can remove too but Windows won’t even continue. I tried doing a repair but Windows won’t install once SP1 and SP2 are already there.