PC Problems

My PC, since January 2005, sometimes had problems during start up. It just won’t boot sometimes. I suspected it to be a Windows problem as most people would suspect, but I noticed the hanging, occurs even before it enters Window. During memory check, or detection of IDE devices, it was happening quite often already, but I still remember even before I left the Philippines in July 2004, this problem has already occurred but in rare occasions only. And just turn off the power, wait a few seconds and turn it back on until it boots.

Around February, random rebooting started to happen. Although some viruses that plant Trojans may be capable of doing this, I can say I had a pretty secure system. My anti-virus software and anti-spyware softwares were always up-to-date, as well as obtaining Windows updates. The rebooting was not related to any instance that I do, it happens at different situations. I did suspect a memory and video card problem, and I got new ones last February. It helped make my PC run faster, but the problems were still there, random rebooting and failed start ups.

Last April the rebooting started to occur more often as well as the startup hang. Aside from that, CMOS settings always reset. You may think it was the CMOS battery but I do not think because I do not think it can cause and hang and reboot problem, but I can do a CMOS setting reset. Things were getting worse. I knew the end was near and all I can suspect that can cause the problems are:

1. Too many devices, low watt power supply which was only 230W.
2. Motherboard problem. Defective Motherboard.
3. Defective Processor
4. Temperature Problem.
5. Another hardware component causing the problem.

Just to discover the real problem to narrow down my list would consume time and I was not happy just thinking about it. I felt burned out already without even starting. I felt bad the first day my PC died. Although my projects have lessened already, I still have one major one, The Graveyard Chef, more updates for AME. Thanks Amor for working on MarkProf, and for helping out with the billing of clients in the Philippines. I’m doing passive selling for design, development and SEO, but active selling in hosting and domain registration since design, development and SEO consumes so much time and that is something I lack right now. Hosting and Domain Registration may not earn as big but is a regular payment for a long time. Just have to keep them all happy and make sure the server is secure and running fine.

To catch up with work, I need to get my desktop running. I get to get into the mood in fixing it too. Thanks babe for just being online when I wanted you online.