En Blaze Time

After working so much on Funtastic, it is still not finish. (LOL) And decided to work on En Blaze this time, where they will be needing my printouts before the 17th this month. Will pass by their office before going to work at Informatics. It was salary day yesterday and my salary is nearly all gone. I gave Marcia some money that I borrowed to pay for my credit card bills, I will full tank my car, buy my phone some load, pay for my other credit cards.

Yesterday, I no longer had the power to work and slept early (12am, yes that is early, I usually sleep at 4am). Later after work, I might go on again working on Funtastic where I just need to finish many little changes. They may be little changes, but being many, it also seems to be a big change. I also need to follow up the write-ups needed for the site. Now, back to En Blaze and now logging off.