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I also do Web stuff at work. , Geary Interactive, An interactive agency in the heart of downtown San Diego I am one of the web guys in the creative department. Although I an not that skilled in interactive Macromedia Flash animation that the company where I work, Geary Interactive does, Geary has an excellent team of Interactive Flash animation designers that do that job for the clients. of GearyI – Interactive Agency Since Geary people at work are pretty creative, here is some creative work I do when the interactive advertising design workload is not that high at this online web agency in San Diego.

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Looking for a Job and is a Christian?

Many of us look for jobs online. There is (which is how I got my first job in the US), Yahoo Jobs, Dice, Craig’s List and more. I can say these job placement portals have served well for the technical professions. But sometimes, we feel the need to follow our vocation. To help and serve as we are called toward HIM.

If you are a Christian, and wishes to serve the LORD better and would want to work for HIM, please visit If you are being called, do not turn away, look for the job you want HE will welcome you with open arms.

God Bless You.

Interesting Script

I find this script interesting. It is called the Crush Calculator. You just input your name, and input 3 of your top crushes arranged in no particular order but it seems to detect which one is your top crush. I do not know if it is a coincidence, but Psychologist people have been explaining that behavioral patterns can be found in a name. Although names are given to us by our parents, but we seem to live on how our names treat us and we grow into having certain appearance, attitudes and other traits. Have you noticed that there are many Michelle’s that are cute and pretty? And there are many Richard’s that are tall? The people at Crush Calculator have perfected the name to traits algorithm that it can calculate the top crush among your 3 top crushes. Going more than 3 increases the percent error drastically and 3 seems to be a good number, so remember to place only your very very top 3 crushes.

Try it out: The Crush Calculator

Got to get back in shape

With all these projects, I am out of shape, just sitting in front of the computer. I got to get back in shape. And I decided to go back to the gym just right now, as a new birthday resolution, to get back in shape and build up that cardio endurance as well.

In my work, forums and mailing list have helped me a lot with my job and my business. I learn a lot online from other people in groups that do the same thing. And since I decided to go back to the gym, I was looking for a good forum or mailing list to get back in shape. I found:, Although I am not aspiring to have a body that or a body builder, it is still nice to get good exercise advise from people that really know how to do stuff.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Just a few words I will quote from emails and personal messages on ecards that I received…

…I look forward for the time where we will be seponding our birthdays together just like this :D…

…A year had flown fast
Now…365 days had last
You’ve been in my mind
Every minute not behind
The days are counting
The moments are filching
When are we be together
Hope it won’t be farther
Happy Birthday babe
We got lots to rave :)…

…missing you a gazillion times…

…Thank you for making my life warm and cozy!
Thank you for welcoming us with so much zest.
Thank you for being the best dad we could ever had
Atop it all thank you for making mama happy…

And here is a quote I did not receive, but a birthday quote I found online on that probably I can relate to:

It is lovely, when I forget all about birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me.
– Ellen Glasgow

Nice, works perfectly, just like a PDA.

Naked in Downtown San Diego

Well last Thursday as I went out with Dru to eat lunch at Horton Plaza with his Fil-Am friend Eric at where we all work in Downtown San Diego and is just 2 blocks away, in one of the busy corners of the city was a group giving away this flyer:

Peta Flyer

But that did not really catch my attention, what really catched my attention was the model in the middle of the street, wearing almost nothing. With parts of her body labled where the loin, ribs, breast and other pork meat counterparts are in the human body. This is the same group Pamela Anderson has been supporting and doing nude stuff in China I think in support of the group to go all veggie. Here are the photos taken on my Nokia 6600 which was the only camera I had during that time.





I am not a vegetarian, and I believe that there are really herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. And also being a man of science that believes in the Darwinian theory, it is really about habitat, adaptation and survival that dictated how some living things became how they eat. But if the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment or Animals) think otherwise and think humans cannot eat animals and every human should not eat animals, that’s their belief and I respect that. I don’t really care and will not say they are wrong or right. But what I know it is right for me to eat meat in the same way it is for other animals that are also omnivores and carnivores. Humans are nothing but mammals who are also animals. (Now I might get religious people react to that, where i also respect your beliefs and are anti-Darwinian and can never accept that we all came from the same monkey.) And there exist a food chain, of the eat and be eaten. Although humans are know to be on top of the food chain, there are still many instances of human being eaten by vultures, hyenas, lions and tigers, sharks, phytons, crocodiles and others.

And all this promotion PETA did on the streets may have attracted my attention, but it did not get the message across to me to avoid eating meat and the sexy chick was an attraction but did nothing to my belief in eating only veggies.

Ok, now back to reading news about the Isulong SEOph contest and check if my Isulong SEOph site will do well, unlike the other Isulong SEOph that I have been reading.

Get a bike

Been Blogging on Other Places

My personal blog is usually just my personal crap. Haven’t been updating it and has been blogging on other places.

Pacman vs Larios

I watched Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar Larios, and paid $30 bucks also just like Seoph Martinez. It was a non-stop continuous fight and Pacman seemed to be a smarter fighter. I always liked his fake right jab to left straight, then sidestep to the leftside of the opponent and go around him. He did at a lot of times.

Isulong SEOPh Contest

The SEO Contest I joined has been keeping me busy, I think too busy that I just do not want to look at it right now. Because once I do, I spend my whole time on it. And I should be worried by now since my entry has been going up and down the SERPs, right now it went back down to page 3. And my brief moments on page 1 were really too brief and too many people are doing this contest, maybe full time. Pretty hard to catch up. Although I have a lot of ideas that can be done, I really don’t have much time to do it. It is very tempting to work on an Isulong SEOPh SEO Contest entry, but there is really a lot of work to be done.


Aside from business, yes I still do have a day job. I resigned from Einstein Industries and has been working with Geary Interactive. I started June 22 at Geary. After working some extra hours for a rush project, I was able to receive a $100 Gift Card for Best Buy and I have complained before about a credit card before and I just paid everything due to them and closed my account there. They sent me another letter to reopen the account that included a Best Buy $25 Gift Card. So I had $125 to spend on Best Buy, and after deciding what I wanted to buy… I decided to get a Hard Disk.

In Sept 2005, a bad lightning storm hit San Diego. I burned several of my stuff, phone wiring, and some computer parts. My PC was no longer bootable. The hard disk wont boot, and could not install Windows over it either. But somehow, the data could still be read as a slave drive. It was a 120GB drive and I planned to back it all up and reformat it and reinstall everything again. It’s just a long time consuming task to do that I never done since Sept, 2005 and has been working off my laptop every since. But since I spent the $125 on a new hard disk, I got a 250GB SATA 7200RPM 16MB cache drive, and it was more expensive than $125, but I just needed to add $47.39. It is my first 250GB drive, my first SATA drive since I always used EIDE for a long time. My first 7200RPM drive and all I used before were 5400 RPM and my first 16MB cache hard drive. So I expect a lot more speed in my desktop, but I still have to put everything together and installl everything.


Business is cool. I need to streamline a lot of processes, and backorder jobs are catching up on us. I have yet found the perfect project management system. And making my own consumes so much time. And right now I am 100% convinced I am willing to pay someone to work on it than me spend even more hours working on it. Whatever I invest in this system will do better in my business processes and make the production, and account processes streamlined and make life easier and will help me accomodate more sales. I believe I am learning so much right now, so much that is greater than what i can do alone. Both on the technical side on improving my craft, SEO and SEM, marketing, sales, business management and it is just making me realize, I cannot do all of this sh*t. I cannot afford all the employees as well at the moment. Thus I will just invest in automating everything that can be automated, and will outsource the tools I need to be created as well if needed since the more this gets delayed, the worse it gets.

I have just started in the monetization of websites last January this year and so far it is earning small, but at least growing at a slow stable rate. I do not care how small income is from passive income. Anything that is passive income to me is good. I kind of like small passive income than high paying but very time consuming projects. Giving up sleep and using so much time is not good. I’m getting old, my family is not here yet, my daughters are growing up.


I got to go to the NVC this month, and file some paper work for my family to get here. I received soem paper work already from my wife and I have to start filing stuff and paying stuff as well. I got to schedule one appointment with the NVC. I miss everyone back home.