Playing Around with ZenPhoto, iFoto and Plogger

After seeing a bunch of photos on my hard drive, most of which I planned to post online, but I never seemed to be able to since 2004 as I have been just busy. I have been using ZenPhoto for some time on other websites and has tried iFoto and Plogger. I did not do a real good comparison of the three but I just did ZenPhoto for a client before and I tried installing iFoto for personal testing which I never did again. And I just tried Plogger for photos uploaded by my sister-in-law and I found it nice but did not take the time to create some good template for it.

And as I watch my wife keep saving photos and resizing them using IrfanView and uploading them one by one my daughter’s blog or multiply account, I say to myself, she really has some amount of patience to resize each pic and upload. Well that is probably the reason all the photos I plan to upload never got uploaded is because I feel the opposite. I feel lazy doing each photo.

And ever since I have been earning from blogging, I even felt more lazy in updating my blog if I knew I was not going to earn much from my blog post. *LOL*

Anyway, I decided to post some photos, and start posting more as I see my wife motivated in updating photos, I finally decided to install Plogger again. And just use the same template I have on my homepage. I used the same subdomain I had for several years and took out the SimpleViewer.

First is, I did not want to really have too much space wasted using super large photos. So I used EMCO Photo Resizer. And added a watermark of my URL using uMark Lite 1.1. Zipped all the photos I needed to upload and used Plogger to do the rest. The end result is my photo gallery. From now on, I will just prepare and zip up all the photos I plan to upload and place on my Plogger page. I got tons of photos coming up.

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