Morning Car Accident

With all these projects to work on, I can barely catch up with the ongoing Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest as I can see my rankings drop. Maybe I will try to do a little, every night just to maintain the ranks. And so far in Vorgermilten, a real contest or not, hopefully I still get the prize, as the contest ends on December 31, 2006 as I am currently on the 3rd position and I don’t know if it is going to get any higher.

Well today was just like any day where I drive to Downtown San Diego along the highway 15, then on to 163 before heading into downtown. As the road narrows down upon entering downtown, a group of cars suddenly stop, but my distance still has enough time to react appropriately and I know although I may have a sudden stop just at the end I will not hit the car, and true I didn’t. But the car at the back of me, who even had a larger distance between us, was able to hit the brakes but I guess was not enough as I felt it bump the rear of my car, pushing it to hit the one in front of me.

We all moved to the shoulder, putting on our hazard lights. The white guy in front of me goes out, takes a look at his bumper as I look for some papers that I cannot find. The Indian dude goes out of the car at the back, and I go out and check my bumpers too.

Everyone was still able to hit the brakes and there was no serious big impact. And the white guy says: I fine, and I look at my bumper, it looks cool too. I look at my back, it had some small scratch, but my car is an old second hand car full of scratches and I said: This is an old car; it’s full of scratches anyway. The Middle Easterner says: I have an 8 year old car. Meaning the red paint scratches from my car on his gray car means nothing to him. Then the white dude, says: Guys, I’m fine, I’m gonna take off. I say: Me too, all good, no problem at all. And the guy from India goes to us and says shakes our hand and says: Thank you sir. Thank you sir. So we all leave unharmed and with very small scratches and paint exchange. Not even any major dents.

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