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Most of the time I work in front of the computer and after work, once I get home, I work again at home. And again in front of the computer. I can say I see the computer monitor more often than the TV screen. A few years back, I remember my room where I had a 35″ TV with cable TV and worked at the same time. Even if I do not pay full attention to the TV, once I hear something that catches my attention, I pause for a while and watch what I heard, and goes back working. And the TV is always left on any of the 3 channels: TechTV (Became G4:TechTV and today is G4TV), National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Now with my situation in the US, I have no TV in my room and I have no plans of buying one in the near future. There is a TV in the living room, but I need work to be done so I just skip the TV all together. Although I have an external USB TV box, my other PC is busted right now, and I do not want to run my work and my TV on the same PC since the software just consumes too much resources.

But recently, I just learned about the Free Cable TV streaming online. So when I am working, I can run this software that streams Cable TV through my Internet connection for free. Although it is another program running on my desktop, it does not use much resources and does not do any observable slow down to my computer.

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  1. Hi there! I’m experiencing the same thing. I used to watch TV and I really loved it. Since my TV got broken I’m unable to watch anymore. I didn’t took the chance of buying a new one since I’m a bit busy for work and I always face the computer from morning till night. What you said being able to watch cable tv on computer online is really amazing. I’ll be checking it out! Thanks so much for posting.

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