Gambling Online?

At work. At Geary Interactive, I would hear Frank sometimes go to Andy To, and talk about their online poker playing they do at home. How much they win, how much they lose. How they are doing, etc. Frank who once mentioned he lost big-time, he still wins often and seems to make money. But for me, I am not doing this game. I can divert my attention on other things that for me are like games too. I may not be betting, but I am also at risk of cost like in paying for PPC ads and also with chances of winning, with actual sales generated through affiliate marketing. It’s still is a game to me. If ever I would do online gambling like Frank and Andy does, I would use The Gambling Guide so I can work my way in learning to win in poker (texas hold’em, stud), roulette, blackjack, sports betting, football betting, spread betting, horse racing, race betting, and whatever online gambling that exists.

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