Birthday Prank Chat

I decided to just greet Justin Sepulveda whom I used to work with at Einstein Industries in San Diego, California. Interesting conversation with Justin, and I used ICQ and he did not know who I was and I did a simple birthday prank on Justin Sepulveda.

[10:12] Benj: happy birthday
[10:13] Justin Sepulveda: thaaaaaaaaaank you
[10:13] Justin Sepulveda: i just see numbers 🙂 who dis? 🙂
[10:13] Benj: lol, im the hottest chick you know, who am i?
[10:13] Justin Sepulveda: my mom?
[10:13] Benj: LOL
[10:13] Justin Sepulveda: haha 🙂
[10:14] Benj: then, im the second hottest chick you know 😀
[10:14] Benj: who am i?
[10:14] Justin Sepulveda: Rebecca is pretty hot … but meredith is a close second … so im kinda worried about who i guess right now and if it’s neither than you can just kick my ass all over the place.
[10:15] Benj: Rebecca??? she’s just trying to emphasize her cleavage
[10:15] Justin Sepulveda: lol
[10:15] Benj: Meredith is hot, but i am hotter than them
[10:15] Justin Sepulveda: Beth?
[10:16] Benj: hmmm try again
[10:16] Justin Sepulveda: !!!!!! i hate icq
[10:16] Benj: Beth is hot though, but she’s getting a bit fat
[10:17] Justin Sepulveda: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[10:18] Benj: com’on stop searching…
[10:18] Benj: who am i?
[10:18] Justin Sepulveda: lol Melissa? eh eh?
[10:19] Benj: if i were melissa, and i’ invite you for a date, would you go out with me?
[10:19] Justin Sepulveda: haha possibly, but you live far.
[10:19] Benj: well we can meet half way
[10:20] Benj: what do you think?
[10:20] Justin Sepulveda: shes kinda taken too.
[10:21] Benj: well.. i can swing around sometimes
[10:21] Justin Sepulveda: lol or you could be a dude
[10:21] Benj: lol, do you really think so?
[10:21] Benj: you might be loosing an opportunity of a lifetime
[10:21] Justin Sepulveda: yes benj
[10:22] Benj: LOL
[10:22] Benj: excellent blog post LOL
[10:22] Benj: nyahahahhahahahahahahha
[10:22] Justin Sepulveda: hahaha
[10:23] Justin Sepulveda: you always go on icq pretending to be a girl?
[10:23] Benj: no way man
[10:23] Benj: LOL
[10:23] Benj: just find it funny to post on my blog
[10:23] Justin Sepulveda: haha
[10:23] Benj: and suggest them to add it to the EDT LOL
[10:24] Justin Sepulveda: hahah
[10:24] Justin Sepulveda: no!
[10:24] Benj: nyahahahah
[10:24] Justin Sepulveda: will kill you
[10:24] Benj: LOL
[10:25] Benj: ok, happy birthday again, back to work
[10:29] Justin Sepulveda: hah thanks. enjoy.

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