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He does SEO?

I attended a seminar on Internet Marketing by Adam Urbanski last July 20. It was a small group, maybe about 10 to 15 people only. And everyone was required to say a few stuff about themselves. I kept my self-description conservative and just said I know technical stuff in making websites, and I came to the class to learn more of the marketing side. How to market well online. Although I could say I have a fair knowledge of Internet marketing, but I was not there to say what I know, but I was there to learn other stuff I may not know yet. Even just a few small tips.

One participant, I can still remember how he introduced himself. He said he was also into Internet marketing, and SEO, I may not remember what he said word for word, but I do remember clearly one line he said, while he was addressing what he was saying to the speaker… he said “…You see, I do what you do too…” So he must know what he is saying.

Right after the seminar, I just did the same thing I did with the Sean Roach Internet Marketing seminar I attended. I SEO’d it. And it was generating traffic and a little more hits that translates to earnings of course for those that know how to make money out of traffic. It was not like an additional really big bucks, but it was still a little more to add to still give it some increase.

Just this afternoon, this participant that also does what Adam Urbanski does, calls me up since we exchanged cards and ask me about some other matters related to the course. And I mentioned that my other blog was ranking 1 for Adam Urbanski Internet Marketing as well other other keyphrases. And he asked how did I do it? Well for me, all I did was just the basics, I did no serious hard core competitive SEO yet, but since no one else was targeting it, it was easy to rank 1 right away. And an experienced SEO guy would have just laughed probably and find it funny I was targetting it. But now that I mentioned the story here. Maybe someone might be trying to beat me at number 1 for this keyphrase and I do not care. This was just for fun anyway. Maybe I will be more competitive if it was a paid SEO client. Uh oh, My SEO clients might have high expectations this time *LOL*. But this is what I have to say to my SEO clients, if you are not ranking number 1 for your general terms, do not worry, let’s target the tail and just keep in mind that our objective is to increase conversions. Not just get the number 1 spot on every term.

Remove Company Name

Every company name has a keyphrase tail to target. And this tail is still related usually to the company’s product or service. I targetted a keyphrase in this format: company name blog. It just took 2 days to get the number 1 spot. But the company talked to me and asked if I can remove the company name on my blog. And you know, these people are really nice guys and I have no intention in going to battle with them just over a simple search term. Actually I personally know how to over throw my own entry by the official company site and get the number 1 spot. But I guess it is also a matter of other legal issues that I cannot place the company name. Well ok, I took it out, although I still rank number 1 for it even if I took it out, Google should reindex soon and see the changes.

SEO Contest, SEO Contest, SEO Contest

I am getting tired of Isulong SEOph SEO Contest. Comparing it with Ambatchdotcom and Vogermilten that has $4k and $10k respectively with not even half of the people in the SERPs in Isulong SEOph that has already 800,000+ pages in the SERPs all battling for that number 1 spot with a prize less than $2k. I find it funny. But the reason why Isulong SEOph just has so many entries, is because of the SEOPhilippines community as well. The group just interacts so well with each other that everyone is having fun, sharing, talking about SEO, and website monetizations. We have seen several non-Filipinos in the list already because maybe also of the popularity, but predominantly, they are still all Filipinos. I did an IP change on one of my Isulong SEOph entries not only for a new class-C IP, but for a regional advantage as well. I think I am just going to mildly play around with Ambatchdotcom and consider to seriouly work on Vogermilten. But there is still a lot time for that. In this contest I joined, I have been in and out of page 1 with the highest rank i reached was 7, but I still get pushed back to page 2 or even page 3 sometimes. I once had a rank 3, but it just looked like Google glitch or someting, and only lasted a few hours when the other sites were missing. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. At least get into the final 7 sites, and hopefully I can ask for a vacation for the awarding if ever I do get in. Oh well, let’s see. I am a bit lazy compared to the other competitors. But maybe, actually hopefully I will get some second wind by mid-August.

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