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I find this script interesting. It is called the Crush Calculator. You just input your name, and input 3 of your top crushes arranged in no particular order but it seems to detect which one is your top crush. I do not know if it is a coincidence, but Psychologist people have been explaining that behavioral patterns can be found in a name. Although names are given to us by our parents, but we seem to live on how our names treat us and we grow into having certain appearance, attitudes and other traits. Have you noticed that there are many Michelle’s that are cute and pretty? And there are many Richard’s that are tall? The people at Crush Calculator have perfected the name to traits algorithm that it can calculate the top crush among your 3 top crushes. Going more than 3 increases the percent error drastically and 3 seems to be a good number, so remember to place only your very very top 3 crushes.

Try it out: The Crush Calculator

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