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While working I saw Andy Waer’s desk an image of the earth and it was zooming in. Ah, some animation of a zoom in I thought… Then I noticed he was looking at streets in clear detail! Panning, rotating, zooming, wtf?

I sent him an ICQ right away and he gave me the URL, What? Google has done it again? The google people are really doing good! This runs it’s own software but still needs the internet do update the map images as you go all over the place. It needs a fast computer and a good video card too.

After downloading it, I rotated the earth and started zooming into the Philippines. Maps were not as updated like in the US but I’m cool with topography. I can find things from that view.

After zooming into Manila proper, and a little zoom out to into neighboring areas, the Quezon Memorial Circle is not hard to find. And knowing your North direction and shapes of the roads, Commonwealth Avenue is easy to find. I followed it until I managed to find my way to the two malls. SM Fairview and Robinsons Place Novaliches. I wanted to see our houses at Teresa Heights and North Olympus but the resolution is not that high in other areas outside of the US. But still good enough to appreaciate. I’m sure one day all areas will be updated. The Philippines is not as updated as the US satellite pictures and the Philippine images even have clouds covering some areas. But over all, it is really good. Everything Google has been making is really good! I placed pins on Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Mayon and Taal Volcano. Tilting the view and looking at Mayon’s near perfect cone was just great!

One last thing. This post was done on my Palm Treo 600.

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