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April 26, 2005


Hi5, Xanga, Ringo, Friendster Blogs,, etc.

I’ve been getting several invitations from everywhere, from everyone.

For blogs, I’m pretty happy with I just did a xanga and frienster blog to forward them to my blogger blog.

I haven’t tried Hi5, so many people inviting. I might give it a try.

Why have Birthday Alarm and Ringo if I have Plaxo? I like Plaxo since I can synchronize with with MS Outlook, and Outlook with my PDA and Cellphone. But I just gave up on my MS Outlook, it will always have problems when data becomes bigger. Since I use Thunderbird for emails and PalmDesktop for my PDA, Plaxo is not much of a use right now. I gave Ringo a shot and, although for SMS, I still use

What’s the next thing that is going to come out that everyone invites everyone?

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