Hi5, Xanga, Ringo, Friendster Blogs, SMS.ac, etc.

I’ve been getting several invitations from everywhere, from everyone.

For blogs, I’m pretty happy with blogger.com. I just did a xanga and frienster blog to forward them to my blogger blog.

I haven’t tried Hi5, so many people inviting. I might give it a try.

Why have Birthday Alarm and Ringo if I have Plaxo? I like Plaxo since I can synchronize with with MS Outlook, and Outlook with my PDA and Cellphone. But I just gave up on my MS Outlook, it will always have problems when data becomes bigger. Since I use Thunderbird for emails and PalmDesktop for my PDA, Plaxo is not much of a use right now. I gave Ringo a shot and SMS.ac, although for SMS, I still use Chikka.com.

What’s the next thing that is going to come out that everyone invites everyone?

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One thought on “Hi5, Xanga, Ringo, Friendster Blogs, SMS.ac, etc.

  1. twocarlo wrote,
    oh,well one webblog was enough…blogging service are everywhere…. you dont need to window shop for it…because in the end … you wont be able to use your other blog… and as you
    go on …things becomes messy…

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