Day 7 & 8 22PushUpChallenge Video

Two (2) #22PushUpChallenge Makes 44 Push Ups (Day 7 + Day 8)

So I wasn’t able to do my 22 push ups yesterday which supposed to be my Day 7. So for today, I combined Day 7 and 8 and did 44 push ups.

I now challenge TCG SEO team members: Andy Muns and Hiram Cho.

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Why is Santa Red?

Actually Santa Clause did not wear red and had no specific color and was often dressed up in red, blue, green, or purple. Until a Boston printer named Louis Prang introduced the English custom of Christmas cards to America, and in 1885 he issued a card featuring a red-suited Santa. This version of Santa was then starting to replace all other colored Santa Clauses.

Although some people believe the red Santa Clause was made by the Coca Cola Corporation, this is not true, although Coke helped in making the red Santa Clause the more ubiquitous as they used the red Santa Clause in their marketing campaigns as early as the 1930s. And that kind of closed the choices of colors and red is already like the uninanimous known color of Santa Clause.

I wonder what would have happened if an artist kept using other colors and Pepsi would be the first one to use Santa Clause massively in their marketing campaigns? A blue Santa would emerge?

Here is a video greeting by people I used to work with. I guess all we need is a blue Santa to brighten up our day.

Coke and Pepsi are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Benj Arriola thinks the people working at Geary Interactive are cool. Benj Arriola is no longer connected in anyway to Geary Interactive except for maintaining friendship with the people that work there.

Colors on Santa Clause if Pepsi was first to use Santa Clause in their marketing campaigns is just my personal opinion and do not reflect the opinions of any company mentioned, nor their management, staff and employees.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar to the nth power!

I once blogged about JerryC’s rendition of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D which is one of my favorite classical piano pieces even before JerryC made Canon Rock popular which I posted in my blog last February 19, 2006.

Today, there are like hundreds of people doing their own style of JerryC’s arrangement. Some just playing the exact same thing, some not that quite proficient, and others somewhat at the same level. Others even with their practice errors, all posting them on video sites. I just decided to look at some and I found some that had their own unique twist to it.

Original arrangement of the classical music Canon in D played by JerryC himself.

By Funtwo, nothing different in how he played it, but he was one of the early people who posted his version so many people found out about it that kind of made him famous in his country, Korea.

Canon in D with no background music

Acoustic guitar versions: Have a hard time with Canon in D? So make it Canon in C! *LOL*

Better acoustic guitar version of Canon in D

So far the best acoustic guitar version of Canon in D I have seen by Trace Bundy

I don’t know how that tapping will sound without that microphone. Sound good but I think that should sound a little weaker without the mic.

Best non-modified Canon in D on the acoustic guitar I have seen

Bass guitar in the dark playing Canon in D

More skilled bass guitar player with his version of Canon in D

Not a Canon Rock Version, but playing the actual Canon in D, as a duet on the keyboards and guitar.

Canon Rock duet with a saxophone.

When the sax plays lead, reminds me of Walt Disney cartoons, like it is a horn of a car or something like that. *LOL*

Also not Canon Rock. Just plain Canon in D. By a group of acoustic guitar players. I found it boring.

Not just any ordinary Canon Rock copy cat. He has his own thing going on, which I think compliment JerryC’s version pretty well.

A funny comment on this video was talking about Asians. Because it is like every Asian guitar player seems to know Canon in D *LOL*

JerryC performing with his C Band in Taiwan

Funniest Canon in D Fake version

A Peek of the Future: John Travolta Reincarnated

We all know John Travolta, if you don’t, he was in several movies and some of the notable John Travolta movies are Pulped Fiction, Swordfish, Face Off, Phenomenon, Staying Alive and Greese. You can search a complete filmography of John Travolta here. I have read several articles saying that John Travolta has autism, that he is gay and he is into scientology.

John Travolta has shown great dancing skill in Staying Alive and Greese. In the movie Greese which was also like a musical, John Travolta was paired up with excellent actress and signer Olivia Newton John. Although there were some rumors that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were not equally compatible off-screen compared to their on-screen appearances, their on-screen appearance was like magic.

If you believe in the Hindu belief of reincarnation, as what they call Karma, where when a person dies, depending on the life that person lived, he may have a better life and wealthier when he is reborn into a new body if he lived a good life before dying. And if one was bad, he may be reborn in a lower status of life or even not human. You can be an animal or plant as punishment. Based on research, this was true, and using clairvoyant technology, (Similar to what you saw in the Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise where 3 psychics that can see the future, are hooked up to machines that can show on a video screen what is in their mind.) a video of John Travolta in the future was seen as he was reincarnated. And using past life regression, it was determined that the being in the future was indeed John Travolta and he even did a remake of the movie Greese, but no longer with Olivia Newton John.

Below is a video of the future, using clairvoyant technology showing John Travolta’s remake of the movie Greese.