US Citizenship and Naturalization

For many Filipinos, being in the United States is a great privilege. You cannot please everyone and there are also a few people not happy in the United States and opt to go back to the Philippines. But most like here mainly because of the financial benefits and what they can give to their family and loved ones.

I was a natural born American Citizen but grew up in the Philippines since the age of 5. For many years a lot of people kept telling me why am I in the Philippines? With what you know you can make a fortune in the United States. True or not, what I am earning here is nothing compare to what I was earning in the Philippines. And many of us still consider ourselves underpaid compared to the industry standards.

Last June 9, 2005, I had to drive my mom-in-law to her oath taking ceremony for her awarding of her US Citizenship together with my dad-in-law that was awarded his citizenship a little bit earlier. With all the online maps for the US, looking for the place was not hard at all.

As I was thinking that this thing is a ceremony in a small room with a handful of people, and I was so wrong. There was a very very very long line just getting into the Hall where the ceremony will be held. And I said to myself “What? A hall? How many people are here?”

As expected in this part of the country, you will hear the native Filipino language everywhere. And when we were allowed to enter, me and Papa, went up to the viewers area and the venue looked like a big college graduation to me. It was announce that there were 1,057 people who were there to be declared as US Citizens and that the current venue will be the last time the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be using that venue and the following oath takings in the future will be at another venue. So that specific batch was called a special one. Aside from that, the Judge who officiated the oath taking was also his last year before he goes into retirement. They said that venue alone has already made 122,000+ US Citizens already ever since they have been using that venue.

The ceremony started with this musical sing and dance number by the Music in Motion Choir of one of the nearby high schools, which is their pride of being Nationally known in various choir competitions. I’m not a big fan of musical, theatrical arts, although I think I’ll enjoy watching ballet and symphony orchestras. So for me I first thought this thing would be boring.

As they performed, their songs progress into various tunes you recognize, common everyday songs of the past that caught my attention. They really did not have the original background music of the songs, but the choir’s voices was good enough. And even if the tunes were delivered in a somewhat happy tempo, upon listening to the lyrics, they have so much meaning into it. I cannot remember each specific song and lyrics but it was all about family, hard work, hope, living a better life. It reflected the main reason why all these 1000+ people were all there for. They worked soooo hard for where they are right now. Which reminds me of the many Filipinos that would go the extra mile just to get here, top doctors study nursing, which is just a few more units since that is more in demand here. Ordinary people or oven people with various successful professional careers go into caregiving. Teachers take their chances teaching here too. IT people apply directly online. Some try joining the US Navy. In some cases of a promised job there are placement fees, so expensive, they even sell their houses in the Philippines, which is considered a suicide move because if whatever happens fails, you have no more house to go back to.

And as the choir performed, I was panning the whole hall looking at all the 1000+ participants from all over the world, from left to right of the hall. And I started to feel the emotion these people have. The happiness they have with all the hard work they have gone through. The emotion started to build up but this choir was performing in a very happy mood that I think most people were not paying attention to the lyrics at all. I felt like tears wanted to roll down but I just closed my eyes and did not let that happen.

When that was done, there was a ceremony thanking all the volunteers of the event and who have been helping out throughout all the years at that venue. Many NGOs, school organizations and sections of the armed forces helping out from year to year. After that, was the time for the Judge to officiate the oath taking. He did express that what was happening is an official court hearing stating that all of them will be citizens of the country, but he still said that everybody should be lose and be happy since all screening was done already and all present will be declared as citizens.

With the emotional mood I had, so did this Judge, he gave his short life story and just could not hold his emotions. He told everyone how hard his parents worked just to get to America. Even if he was a natural born American citizen, he saw the progress of his parents from being immigrant aliens to US Citizens, and has witnessed how important that event was to them as a family. How everything will be easier. His voice was crackling up with a few tears running down. He is quite old already and his parent have already passed away. And as much as he was happy for his parents in the past, he was just as sincere in saying that he was really happy for everyone present at the ceremony.

This proceeded with a speech from a female school administrator that was basically there to acknowledge the presence of the choir that also served as an advertisement for the school which had various races present in their high school. And she herself could not hold her emotions as she recalled the day she also became a US Citizen. She was sitting in front and her students were also performing that time.

It was just a very emotional day, and it ended with the Judge calling out each country of the world in alphabetical order having the participants stand up if their native country is called out. It was a very long list as people clapped in the audience as well when their countries were called out. Majority of the countries had like about 1 to 5 people. A few were just barely more than 10 people. But as the list of countries went on… two countries were skipped. And when the Judge finished the list, he said “Did I miss anything?”

A shout from the audience came out, Philippines! and he then said “Did I hear Philippines? Ok Philippines, stand up.” And every Filipino cheered and clapped that it looked like 40% of them were Filipinos. As the Filipinos were clapping and cheering, continuous shouts of Mexico! Mehico! were heard. And when all Filipinos sat down, the judge said: “What’s that? Mexico? Ok Mexico!” And it was like 50% of the participants were all Mexicans.

There are so many Filipinos here in the US, it is like you did not leave the Philippines. During the whole ceremony, I can’t help but imagine the day like that, where it would be my family up there in the hall as I cheer for them.

Pictures in your Blogs – For my Wife and Daughters

This posting is basically for my wife and daughters who are running their own blogs right now.

First problem they had was a breaking up page with pictures too big. Now their problem is some pictures are replacing others and they are starting to have the same pictures.

I told them to email me the pictures and I will fix them as I give tips to them as well through my own blog.

Here are the tips.

  1. I can see babe, you tried resizing some of Jamie’s pics, which was good. Looks like you got the right size. But also try changing the resolution. All images should be 72dpi (or dots per square inch, also called pixels per square inch) Since monitors cannot display beyond 72dpi (monitors can display up to 96dpi, but the 72dpi and 96dpi make a negligible difference) In that way you get the maximum image quality the monitor can display and the smallest file size so that downloading is faster too.
  2. In some cases the images are small and when resized to fit in the page makes the image even smaller to appreciate. If the picture has a lot of space around it, background that is not important, you can crop out the background and not just resizing, so your image it still big.
  3. Generally a big image that you shrink down still has good quality, but a small image that you stretch to be big, starts to become pixelated, you start to see big squares, jagged edges, and generally blurry. And I understand you have been scanning some pictures there at home. If ever you want to make a picture bigger, it is best to scan at a higher dpi, like 150 to 200 will do, then as you resize you also change the resolution to 72dpi. So there is not much image lost in making it big.
  4. Resize the actual image, and do not use Blogger to resize it. This is for Ate Dawn naman. Her images are resize through HTML with height and width attributes of the image tag or using CSS width and height styles to the image. It does resize it, but the image is really big and the file size is big, thus downloading takes longer. When you resize the actual image, you also adjust the resolution to 72dpi as well for better downloading.
  5. You now have problems in your blogs with new pictures replacing some of the old pictures. Why? Simply because all your pictures are all in the same place and when you upload a picture with the same file name it replaces the old one. A picture that is always named jamie.jpg or dawn.jpg will always replace the picture with the same name. It is better to name the pictures of what the topic of your blog is about like swim1.jpg. swim2.jpg. For me, just to be sure I do not overwrite my pictures and I feel lazy making folders on the server, I name my files: yyyymmdd-eventx.jpg, where yyyymmdd is the date I uploaded the picture and event will be replaced with the event name of the picture and x is the picture number. So if I have 3 pictures during a picnic today June 5, 2005. My pictures will be named: 20050605-picnic1.jpg, 20050605-picnic2.jpg and 20050605-picnic3.jpg.

To my other blog readers, hey I know this is like kids stuff to you, but this is for my wife and daughters. I already gave them the tips and their next lesson is how do they it in Photoshop.


1. A lot of people have been having trouble running an AMD Athlon 64 processor on Microsoft® Windows XP™ SP2. I had the sample trouble. I found a lot of forums talking about it. Some forums you know they know what they are talking about, some other forums as full of guesses. Guessing the problem and guessing the solution. And a funny common guess is a Virus or Spyware and the the forum writers recommend installing the AVG, Ad-Aware, Spybot and SpywareBlaster. Funny, a lot of people initially think their problem is a Virus or Spyware problem. I got mine to work after disabling the IPVMon driver in safe mode. Computer is now working but since I did a fresh install again, i have no softwares on it and still has to do some installing to get it working.

2. USB ports working, but not for data drives. Probably some problem with my USB controller drivers. And I also read an article that AMD processors have problems with USB Flash disk due to some timing issue. Something I still have to research on. Right now, since my laptop is networked to the desktop, I have to plug in data drives in the laptop, share it an access it from there on the network.

3. Mama has an interview at the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. I’ll be driving her there even if I do not know how to get there. But Google maps is really cool. Compared to Mapquest and Yahoo because of their satellite photo maps. At least I know what kind of land marks I might be passing by and I am also taking note of the plain land areas and heavy residential house areas.

3. After installing all softwares, first thing to do is nothing but the Graveyard Chef. I need to finish that site real quickly.

4. In the Philippine Graphic Designing community, everyone is talking about Bayoâ„¢, the grament manufacturer in the Philippines for ripping off the designs or a small time Japanese artist placing her artwork on the web. Copyrights belong to the artist and the website really says that you are not allowed to use any of the graphics in anyway without permission. I have read that the artist was trying to contact the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines and the Philippine Embassy in Japan.

5. DoS flaw in DNS protocol? What? Does this mean all of us web hosting companies are doomed? Got to talk to Mike Lopez about this as we exchange notes on server administration. He’s more of a Linux master than I am.

6. I want to start with the Gracie Brazillian Jiujutsu after I tried the trail class, but I have no money right now. 🙁 So many bills to pay. I’ll go back to Taekwondo then since I can practice there for free since I worked on their website.

7. Tiring life going in circles, work at work, work at home, if there is free time, it is either BMX, Gym, Taekwondo, and soon Jiujutsu too. Wifey is far away back home. 🙁 Family is far away. My Wifey is feeling the same way. 🙁

8. New clients, recently paid, was, Others are still proposals. So far I am having no month with no sales with December last year which is good.


You might think I am rich already, nope. Hosting is not really that expensive. What has big money is designing and development, but this consumes so much time. Hosting and Domain Registration does not eat much of my time and is a recurring payment, even if it is small, it is recurring.

No DSL Yet. Computers not setup yet. Some stuff still a mess.

-Move out of Del Dios, Escondido last Saturday going to Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego. Unloaded all stuff, stuff was a mess. After everyday sorting, arranging, fixing… things are starting to be in order.

-My two desktops are not yet working because I haven’t put everything together yet. Doing work on my laptop, not that convenient, I can deal with it being less ergonomic, but I am not used to the contrast and brightness of my laptop, and no matter how I adjust it, it does not look like how it is on my desktop. If you are working with fine lines, they seem to disappear in the laptop if they are too fine and when you adjust image brightness and contrast, hue and saturation to make it look good in the laptop, it will appear dark on the desktop. I make websites and these should be pleasing the majority of people online whom most are using desktop, I need to get my desktop’s up and running soon. Got a few additional things for MarkProf and I need major development done on The Graveyard Chef

-The shower is fixed but can’t be used for two days. So I’ll be taking a bath in Ma and Pa’s bathroom for the next two days. The phones are not setup well; we had our phones transferred too and Ma and Pa’s was connected on the 14th. Mine supposed to be on the 16th. But mysteriously, mine is connected already, and Ma and Pa’s is not yet connected. I checked all the sockets and all other wires available to get a dial tone, none of them gave a dial tone. Which means the wire in the house is not connected well to the connection box outside. I called up SBC to verify if it is connected and they said it is. So I asked the apartment manager where the main phone terminal box is, and she pointed it to me. I checked it out and it was all spaghetti. Wires everywhere, no labeling what so ever, just a few numbers written with a pentel pen, others with a pencil, and it is not clear which one it was pointing too. I thought of getting my phone and some wires outside and start calling the number on my cellphone to figure out the right connection. But that is a trial and error thing, and every time I get an error, I may be disturbing another co-resident at the apartment. There are more than 20 units here and I don’t want to risk making 20 wrong numbers before I get the right wires. So I called up SBC to have a rewiring done for me.

-My DSL comes after 10 days, I have no Internet connection at home, so I opened up a free 1175 hour, 50 day AOL dial-up Internet connection CD so at least I can use something in the meantime.

-After being a sponsor for iBlog, the Philippines’ 1st Blogging Summit, I have been having few signups, few but better than none at all. For those who haven’t seen my promo, check it out here: Imagine this, P888 per year, a free domain name, 75 MB disk space, 2000 MB traffic, unlimited emails, tons of ready-made, easy to install software. Yes, only P888 per year. Check it out.

-More people checking out Teresa Heights. Thanks for the good feedback.

-A blog visitor named Carmela posted a comment, since he was searching for Joel Arcellana, a long time childhood, neighborhood friend whom we treated as cousins. She posted a comment since she was Joe’s college classmate. I called up Joel first to make sure I got the right number, left a voice mail and he called back later in the evening. It was funny since we never talked to each other ever since he left the Philippines which was… early 90’s I think. I said he sounds different and he said I sound different. Gave a few updates of each other and went back to work. He said he hasn’t called Benny ever since he came here. Well everyone is busy here. And Benny, if ever you get to read this… belated happy birthday, which was last May 11, along with Archie Reyes from Teresa, same day. Which reminds me that Laureano “Jhun” Umagtang’s birthday, a highschool classmate, is today!

-Bills, bills, bills, I got a lot. And I also have to monitor the people I bill, check if they paid already. Good thing Amor is there to help me follow up.

-Nice thing about being here at Rancho Penasquitos, I’m near Master Won Kee Min again at Champion Taekwondo Academy. Aside from that, there is a Brazilian Jiujutsu by some student of the Gracie’s. I can’t wait to get into the Gracie system and try it out. All I know is random concepts in my head on how the Gracie system is but has never experience the actual training.

-Now time to check my wifey’s blog, along with my daughters… Jamie and Ate Dawn. Got to check them out and see how they are all doing.

-Benj Arriola Blogging out…

Back to Work

After a 3 week vacation and still working on a few projects that need some urgency, it is back to work again.

After spending 3 weeks in the Philippines, I was able to do a lot, but 3 weeks was still not enough.

At least I was able to finish some legal matters for Jamie and go with Marcia and Ate Dawn to work on their passports. Went to Bicol to attend Ate Dawn’s Graduation and go to the beaches and hot spring with the kids.

Still had time to attend an IT conference in Shangrila Manila. Basically all they talked about was mobility, and the Philippine Government’s initiative in empowering the IT SMEs. Best talk for me was by Dondi Mapa, Philippine Commissioner on ICT where he laid out the plan for ICT SMEs by the Philippine Government.

Was able to visit AME Philippines’ office and get the materials needed for the site. And met with PayPlus for the Bancnet payment gateway. I was not able to meet Nicole though to talk further about her website. requested another add-on domain. Heritage Hotel has problems with spammers.

Within the 3 weeks, I had nearly zero money. Now I need to work again and catch up with debt. Well I had no regrets, a vacation is still good and the happiest part of it is seeing my family.

A lot has happened after the vacation, but I’d like to shy away from talking about negative stuff and just look at things in a positive way. And try my best to be more productive in every way I can. Life is short, it is best to spend it in a happy way.

Belated Happy Birthday Mom

My New Year was spent as a busy one. Before new year, it was mostly packing up things in preparation of moving to a new house my sister-in-law bought. And when we got here, it was mostly moving things from the garage to the room, helping out with Mama and Papa (my in-laws) with their stuff as well.

At the new location, we had no phones yet with overseas capabilities. My computer was still into separate parts, so I could not go online either. And once I got online, the data-center unplugged my server due to another hack attempt.

When I got online it was mostly web server upgrades, system software upgrades, and whatever security updates I could find and do. Then I messed things up with some scripts but finally got it working before any of my clients got mad and called me up.

Right now, I still can’t call my Mom to greet her a happy birthday. But I am taking this opportunity to write a letter for my Mom for her belated birthday greeting.

I guess mostly everyone thinks their mother is a great mother. I am no exception; I believe my mother is great mother too. And let me enumerate why.

1. My Dad was a chef, my Mom was a housewife, but my Mom cooks very well. She tries new things she sees on TV sometimes, and sometimes her first shot at it may not be the best, but you know it will get there. I see her as a evolving cook. She still finds it a puzzle on what to cook per day. She feels paulit-ulit na lang niluluto n’ya. (her cooking is just going over and over again) And she finds it hard to think on what to cook next. But whatever she decides to cook, I am sure it will taste good. Comparing it to my Dad’s cooking, Mom is no match, but comparing Mom’s cooking with every house I have eaten at, Mom cooks better than most.

2. Mom prioritizes others before her own children. Even in simple things, the food dishes she chooses, she makes sure that everyone will like it. She keeps in her head, the list of dishes the people like and do not like. And prepares everyone’s favorite. She makes sure she has something for everyone. If Rene, Marcia, Allan Go are at the house, she secretly prepares the foods she knows they will like. When she gets that done, then she will think if I and my sister will eat it.

When she buys clothes when she has a lot of money, like when she wins Mahjong, she’d go out to SM and buy something. She buys things for Rene, Marcia, Allan Go, syempre kung may sobra lang, saka kami ni Ats. (of course, only if there is excess, that’s when she buys something for me and Ats)

But I totally do not feel bad about it. In fact I feel good about it. Because this is where I can see how she values the people we love too. Unahin muna ang hindi kadugo, bago ang kadugo. (Treat first those who are of different blood before those with the same blood.)

3. As a kid, even until I grew up, Mom never got mad at me in front of other people even if she is really mad already. She will just say let’s go home or stuff like that. But once you get home, that’s when you have to prepare. If you are already at home with some friends, she will even call you in a very nice tone, pretending she needs some assistance with something in the room. She makes it a point that you do not get scolded in front of other people.

4. When me and my sister were young, if ever I had my girlfriend at home, or my sister had her boyfriend at home. And are left in the living room with no one else around, I could sneak a kiss or two, or even a good smooch while my Mom was in the room. And whenever my Mom goes out of the room, she’d be humming a tune of an unknown song. Pretending to be humming something, but she is just actually warning us, saying like “hey, I’m coming, so you better stop whatever things I do not supposed to see.”

5. Mom balances friends well. She befriends anyone and is often in between two people who are not friends, even enemies at times. But she still manages to handle everything well.

6. Mom is not at ease when she knows someone is mad at her for some reason. Even when they are not, she just thinks they are.

7. Mom is the only person that gives me no-interest, no-definite payment time loan. And even if my credit record is so bad with her, I can still avail the emergency loan as long as I promise early payment time.

8. Source ng tsimis. (of gossips)

9. Mom has a guilt feeling that Ats did not grow up the way I did, since she did not allow Ats to go to parties and other celebrations.

10. Mom loves her own son-in-law and daughter-in-law like her own children.

11. Mom is very religious

12. Mom is paranoid, always thinks I will get into an accident I BMX and Taekwondo.

13. Mom is humble. Hindi nakikipagsabayan sa mga mommies na walang kinuwento kundi ang magaling nilang anak. (She does not compete with stories of other mothers that tell nothing but great stories of their children.)

14. Mom believes in you. And she worries about my problems even if I do not consider them problems.

15. Mom is my number 1 cheerleader even for the simplest achievements that even I do not celebrate since they are no big deal to me.

16. Mom always gets up in the morning to prepare breakfast for everyone that is leaving the house early in the morning.

17. Mom dresses up well for any occasion, looks young and strong for her age.

18. Mom does not know how to get mad at others, she just bangs the whole place up, slamming doors and everything so you need to be a good decipherer of her actions to get the picture.

19. Simple lang naman kasiyahan ni mommy, mag shopping pag may pera. (Mom just has a simple happiness, to go shopping when she has money.) So if she gives you something, even if you do not need it, accept it and say thank you. It will make her happier than say something like, naku saying naman Mommy, hindi ko kailangan yan, pinera mo na lang sana. (oh no Mom, I really do not need that, how I wished you gave me money instead.)

20. A natural talented ballroom dancer. She did not need any ballroom lessons, she just danced a lot when she was young.

21. She is afraid of the dentist, so she brushes her teeth well. And she did a good job, all her teeth are strong and just has one false tooth. That she takes off when eating. She has the best way of doing it. She just gets a small piece of tissue, gives out a small cough, and presto, that’s it. Her move is as swift as David Copperfield. Now you see it, now you don’t.

22. Mom is not that good in math, logic or analytical thinking. But for some reason, she is good in Mahjong. And Mahjong requires good analytical thinking just like any other thinking game.

23. Mom did not finish highschool, but all the lessons in life I needed to learn outside of school, mom has filled up a large part of it. Although I believe Mom was over protective and served me too much, it did not make me too dependent and lazy, just a little bit lazy. Nyahahaha.

24. Mom can read people well. She can tell if someone is really a good person or not. She kind of just has a hunch, it may be wrong sometimes but often they are true. I can see she kind of detects liars in a way, but I wonder why she believed all my lies when I was kid? They were not too many, but maybe she was just pretending she believed me.

25. Super babaw tulog ni mama. (Mom’s sleep is super shallow) And a ring of the phone will always wake her up no matter how deep her sleep it.

26. Mom never gets sick. Well nearly never gets sick. But when she does, she is really, really sick.

27. Mom does not really like the dogs and cats 100%. But she keeps them there since they are pet’s of my Dad and me. I hope Cornicor is still alive, Cornicor is the only pet that knows Dad. And I think Mom has a good bonding only with Cornicor. But Babycor is starting to follow her mom Cornicor in being malambing and not wild that much.

28. Mom is part of the digital divide. The older generations somehow cannot embrace technology that well. But Mom is a texter. She learned well her cellphone talents. And knows how to set the time in the TV with remote control. Give any washing machine and she can figure it out. I guess that is the only technology she has embraced. 😀

I want to say more about Mom, but three clients are chatting with me. One redesign deal, one about billing and another for their testimonial.

Well isang dakilang ina ni Mommy (Well she is one great Mommy). I would not be how I am if not for everything I learned from my Mom. Thanks and Belated Happy Birthday!

I love you and miss you.

The House Blessing by Kuya Jef

This is an old event, but a new posting here on my blog. During the blessing I was just too busy to post the pictures and the story.

Msgr. Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Garcia starts the blessing.

As the day of the blessing came nearer, so did my departure date to leave for the States. The blessing was held last July 10, and I was scheduled to leave on July 11. So most of the days I was packing up, and basically preparing my computer, as well as doing all things I could do at the house that Marcia might have a hard time doing while I’m gone. So everything I could fix, I fixed, everything related to wiring, electricity, phone line extensions, computer LAN cabling and all physical things as well like drilling, and other stuff. Time was just not enough to fix Marcia’s PC, Janet’s PC and the PC that Ate Dawn will use, as well as for Jamie’s educational games.

Some of the visitors by the side of the house.

And as each day passed by, Marcia was busy preparing the house for the blessing and helped her every time she needed me. One thing about Marcia is when she is pressured; she tends to be hot-headed. But no problem with me, I can take it, and do not face it head on. I just smile and know that she is just like that but she has no intentions of being mad at anyone.

One of memorable blunders is just hours before the blessing, when she poured hot water in the kitchen sink; she felt it on her feet. Poor Marcia, she got hot as well, angry at everything. I checked it out and the tubes are not really sealed. Although it works, pouring something at a fast rate will really make it leak. Good thing Adam was also there to help me out.

Some of the visitors by the side the garage.

When Kuya Jef texted Marcia saying he was at SM Fairview already, I went to pick him up. After a few minutes when I arrived at SM, he was there. Had a small chat on the priest at the Parish of Mary the Queen, whom were kuya’s students.

When we got back home, I was back to being busy and so was Marcia. Then the visitors started to arrive one by one. The groups of visitors were mainly Marcia’s friends from Colegio de San Bartolome, friends at Blue Star Lending Investors, Inc. My high school friends from Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches, and a few friends from Informatics Computer Institute and people back home at Teresa Heights.

When everything seemed to be ready, the ceremony started. Kuya Jef went to ever corner of the house and after blessing the house, he bless my car and Janet and Harry’s van as well.

Kuya Jef and Marcia

After the blessing, it was eating time. And after that, it was kwentuhan time. When that was done, I went straight up to the room to finish packing my things up preparing to leave the next day, going to the States.

For stories on my departure from the Philippines and arrival in the States, click on the links below:

The trip to the US
Setting Foot on US Ground

Garry & Tess’ Cassava Cake Recipe

I just woke up and heard the answering machine giving this tone that implies that there is a saved message. I got up and pressed the play button.

It was a message for Mama and Papa from Garry who needs the cassava cake recipe again. Since I saved it in the sent items in my email software, I am posting it here on the blog so it will never get lost, if ever they will need it again. Just visit and it will always forward to this page.

Below is a copy of my previous email:

Hi Garry,Here is the recipe from Mama that you requested, I just took notes from Mama and this is what she said:


-3 Bags of Grated Cassava
-1 Can of Coconut Milk
-1 Bottle of Macapuno
-1 Bottle of Sweet Jackfruit (Langka)
-1 Can of Condensed Milk.

Mix all ingredients except the condensed milk and cook. Once you think it is cook, then that is the time to add the condensed milk.

Since I brought my PC here in San Diego, we were able to print all the pictures you sent and Mama and Papa were really happy to see you all.

See you in August, take care.