Watch Cable TV for Free Online

Most of the time I work in front of the computer and after work, once I get home, I work again at home. And again in front of the computer. I can say I see the computer monitor more often than the TV screen. A few years back, I remember my room where I had a 35″ TV with cable TV and worked at the same time. Even if I do not pay full attention to the TV, once I hear something that catches my attention, I pause for a while and watch what I heard, and goes back working. And the TV is always left on any of the 3 channels: TechTV (Became G4:TechTV and today is G4TV), National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Now with my situation in the US, I have no TV in my room and I have no plans of buying one in the near future. There is a TV in the living room, but I need work to be done so I just skip the TV all together. Although I have an external USB TV box, my other PC is busted right now, and I do not want to run my work and my TV on the same PC since the software just consumes too much resources.

But recently, I just learned about the Free Cable TV streaming online. So when I am working, I can run this software that streams Cable TV through my Internet connection for free. Although it is another program running on my desktop, it does not use much resources and does not do any observable slow down to my computer.

Bladder Infections and D-Mannose

My wife once had UTI, which can be brought about through Cystitis. She was really in pain. What she was feeling was having a hard time urinating and she always had to urinate often which was always painful. With this kind of feeling she started to have a high fever as well and was getting the chills because of the pain in the pelvic area.

Although there are several types of Cystitis, the most common cause is by the bacteria Escherichia coli, commonly known as E. Coli, that when found in the lower gastrointestinal tract, this is where the Cystitis problem starts. Treatment always recommends doctor attention and in most cases of bacterial infection, an antibiotic is prescribed. Although there has been several side effects known with the use of antibiotics, there are some recommended alternatives such as D-Mannose.

There is natural and synthetic D-Mannose and D-Mannose can be naturally found with simple sugar since this is a stereoisomer of Glucose and can be found in small quantities in fruits like cranberries. Although our bodies had D-Mannose, this is abundantly excreted into urine. This is know to work well with bladder infections such as Cystitis, as this can flush out E.Coli. If I have know this when my wife had UTI, I would have recommended this treatment to augment her antibiotic medication. It’s safe and has no known side-effects. And D-Mannose can easily be purchased online.

Disclaimer: I am no doctor and if ever you have Cystitis, UTI or any type of bladder infection, don’t just listen to my advice and take D-Mannose. Consult your doctor and seek their advice.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar to the nth power!

I once blogged about JerryC’s rendition of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D which is one of my favorite classical piano pieces even before JerryC made Canon Rock popular which I posted in my blog last February 19, 2006.

Today, there are like hundreds of people doing their own style of JerryC’s arrangement. Some just playing the exact same thing, some not that quite proficient, and others somewhat at the same level. Others even with their practice errors, all posting them on video sites. I just decided to look at some and I found some that had their own unique twist to it.

Original arrangement of the classical music Canon in D played by JerryC himself.

By Funtwo, nothing different in how he played it, but he was one of the early people who posted his version so many people found out about it that kind of made him famous in his country, Korea.

Canon in D with no background music

Acoustic guitar versions: Have a hard time with Canon in D? So make it Canon in C! *LOL*

Better acoustic guitar version of Canon in D

So far the best acoustic guitar version of Canon in D I have seen by Trace Bundy

I don’t know how that tapping will sound without that microphone. Sound good but I think that should sound a little weaker without the mic.

Best non-modified Canon in D on the acoustic guitar I have seen

Bass guitar in the dark playing Canon in D

More skilled bass guitar player with his version of Canon in D

Not a Canon Rock Version, but playing the actual Canon in D, as a duet on the keyboards and guitar.

Canon Rock duet with a saxophone.

When the sax plays lead, reminds me of Walt Disney cartoons, like it is a horn of a car or something like that. *LOL*

Also not Canon Rock. Just plain Canon in D. By a group of acoustic guitar players. I found it boring.

Not just any ordinary Canon Rock copy cat. He has his own thing going on, which I think compliment JerryC’s version pretty well.

A funny comment on this video was talking about Asians. Because it is like every Asian guitar player seems to know Canon in D *LOL*

JerryC performing with his C Band in Taiwan

Funniest Canon in D Fake version

Brandon Vera is a Filipino?

I am out of shape. Although I love Taekwondo, I am sure if I go back to the Taekwondo studio where I used to go to here in San Diego, they will just beat me up. *LOL* Because they expect me to be good, but that was 2 years ago and a lot can change in 2 years. I think if I go back, I can’t do anything I used to do and I need to train privately first and hide from the group before going back so I am prepared when they decide to beat me up.

But now I work downtown, so travel time is a bit more, and when I get home, the Taekwondo classes will nearly start and it will just be a hassle chasing the time for the taekwondo classes to start. So I might as well go to the City Boxing gym in downtown San Diego. It would be near work and I signed up on their 30 day trail on their website. So I get to try everything out first for free. Hehehe.

Upon visting their site, I saw they have a good line up of trainers that include UFC fighter Brandon Vera. Although I am not 100% up-to-date as I was before in the MMA world, I decided to do a quick YouTube on Brandon Vera to check him out. And the guy posting the video and in some comments say that he is a Filipino. His dad is Pinoy and his mom is Italian. Well I don’t know if that’s true. Let’s see when I decide to go there myself.

Philippine Flag Patch for Uniforms

When I was in the Philippines, many Taekwondo jins like sewing on their Dobok (Taekwondo uniform) a patch of the flag of the Philippines. Mainly not part of the Philippine pride, but had a psychological advantage knowing that the Philippine National Team was feared since they are really good. Have a Philippine Flag Patch on their uniform is like instilling fear in the opponent giving them a notion that you are comparable with the caliber of skills the national team has since most of the time they have the patch of the flag of the Philippines sewed on to their uniforms as they compete often internationally.

Today I am in the US, and I guess every Taekwondo jin (practitioner) from the Philippines will agree that it is really different here in the US compared to the Philippines. And some people know that, where the Philippine flag can do you good again doing the same psych war. LOL. Anyway, if you are looking for a Philippines Flag Patch , I found mine online.

Summer is Hot

It is hot. And many times once I get home, and work in my home office, I work with my shirt off. It’s so hot. Whenever there is this heat wave, in zoos, they place big blocks of ice and you can see even desert animals like staying beside the ice and licking it. Some people shed off the hair of other animals to cool them down using Shed Ender. Usually in the belly area that is also in the shade of the sun and not under direct sunlight in most animals.

Missing Fighting

I have never really fought a person face-to-face in real life. But I have joined several Taekwondo competitions already. And after watching this taekwondo video, it kind of pumps me up to start training again.

Maybe even just a punching bag, some boxing gloves will be good enough to get started again. It would be really great if there was a punching bag at work and in-between breaks, I can get to punch and kick the bag. But right now I am totally out of shape that I need to work on my cardio vascular endurance first and start running again.

Flatland Freestyle on a 26″ Racer/Touring/Road bike.

I used to compete in BMX races and does BMX flatland freestyle and ramp riding for fun. The sport has evolved to much when I have started in 1989 but after all those years, I have never seen such graceful flatland freestyle, dabless, flawless, flatland freestyle tricks NOT on a 20″ wheel BMX/Freestyle bike. But on a 26″ Road bike. Although I watched the movie Quicksilver starring Kevin Bacon, the freestyle there on road racing bikes were still done by the hard core flatland BMX freestyles of that day like R.L. Osborne, Martin Aparijo and Eddie Fiola. I am not sure if Dennis McCoy was in Quicksilver but there was definitely someone doing multiple boomerangs which look like Dennis McCoy’s signature moves of that day. Some bike spinning looked like Pat Romano.

But I recently found this video online, that is a flatland freestyle video, but on a racer/touring/road bike. Although there are a few obvious modifications like, there is no freewheel. It was a continuous peddaling gear, so unicycle type of balancing tricks were possible, handlebars were like modified road racing handlebars turned upward and I believe there were no brakes since it was not using a freewheel anyway and thus did not need any brake cable detangler like a gyro, oryg, spinmaster, spintech or rotor. There seemed to be small axle pegs as well. The freestyler is a female (which reminds me of Krys Dauchy).

You got to see this video. Her routine goes like this:

  • It starts out with just coasting in circles, then does a gymnastic pose with both hands on the seat and legs extended forward. Totally not a part of BMX flatland freestyle.
  • The does a surf and controls it quite well since she gracefully rides it out in a figure 8 path.
  • She then does a trick similar to a framestand. But it is a seat stand! Again gliding in a figure 8 path.
  • Then a boomerang.
  • Does a wheelie next, climbs over the bars and does a unicycle type of moneuver, does some variations then goes into spastic circles.
  • Then does a reverse wheelie with 1 footed variations. Reverse wheelie is the normal wheelie position but doing a rollback with it. Maybe we can call it a fakie wheelie?
  • Continues doing a rollback, then rollback surf/surf fakie?
  • Rolls out into a 180 rock walk and goes into a grip ride and rides in a figure 8 path again.
  • Then runs into an in-and-over type of technique going into a backride.
  • Then going into a no handed rolling (and peddaling) backyard.
  • Transitions into a reverse grip ride.
  • After that she does a backward rolling and pedalling backyard. You got to see it to understand it.
  • She just decides to stop running backward and balances, then run forward like an ordinary backyard, but pedalling and does it spastically.
  • She then goes over the bars in a pedal picker position but does a unicycle thing and does it spastically again.
  • Now from here, she just lets the bike fall on its wheels while she is still in front, balances, pedals making the bike run backward, and suddenly goes into a seat grinder position, and does spastic circles. A seat grider but she is not grinding the seat, and is actually balancing on the rear wheel. And she ends her routine there.

Crazy! She does it gracefully, never touched the ground, no sign of wobbling. And looks like ballet with the Vanessa Mae violin background music.

Removing and Preventing Viruses and Spyware/Malware

Just because you know how to use the computer, sometimes all your relatives and friends ask the same questions over and over again. How to remove or prevent viruses and spywares. Since I used to teach at a computer school, sames questions used to arise and that is also when I started blogging. I used to give out a page on my students blog about anti-virus and anti-spyware but it is no longer updated. But since I still have several friends asking about them, there is a tutorial site that has a page about this on And it seems to have the proper links in there as well, so I suggest checking that site out as well.