Small Crack on My Windshield

While driving along highway 56 heading to work before getting on interstate highway 5, there was one area where I believe there was loose gravel probably from the soil beside the highway where some car may have rolled in and out there during some earlier event. There seemed to be some small pebbles that the car ahead of me seemed to skid a bit since it was a slight curve and in the process, a small rock flies and goes into my windshield as I was travelling at about 80 miles per hour. This made a some small cracks formed like a star on my windshield. Probably less than half an inch in diameter. And I know a whole wildshield can be expensive and there are some repair kits similar to what I see on TV that I can use to fix it. So I search online for the product to fix the windshield As Seen On TV and I get the Windshield Repair Kit. It even seemed to have a cheaper price than what was offered on TV. And besides that, I have heard, TV shopping orders take forever for you to receive.