Paying HSBC Credit Card for Nothing

After signing up for a Best Buy Credit Card, where they teamed up with HSBC to offer the service, I was also asked to sign up an optional HSBC credit card application. So ok, I signed it up, pass or fail their credit check, they said it was a no obligation thing.

I never received my credit card in the mail. But I think this is a California issue since I had the same problem with a Target card before that I needed to call them several times and all they said is that the California post office has block the mail and that I have to confirm the information by phone calling them up and keep complaining I never received the Credit Card.

And here comes the HSBC Credit Card bill. And I never even received the HSBC Credit Card! Duh, bill me for nothing. I did not even buy anything yet, but this card had annual fees. And they are billed first before getting the card. This card only had a credit limit of $300, it is not any special card at all. It is good as not having this HSBC Credit Card, it has no value to me at all and I needed to pay them an annual fee for an HSBC Credit Card with only a $300 Credit Limit? And I never even received the HSBC Credit Card?

That is like paying for something I never received! What is that called? Charity? Donation?

Now someone in India calls me saying I have to pay my bills. So I said I will cancel the account, and the only reason I did not cancel is because, this guy in India says I will receive the HSBC credit card in the mail soon, and it is nice to have some credit card even just for emergency. Well I said, since my application is in, ok, and that was last February. I paid a partial balance of $40 for the annual fees.
Up to now I never received my credit card. And my fees increased for non-payment of my HSBC Credit Card with a low $300 credit limit, billing me for something I never got!

I got a bills and I got a phone call from the HSBC Credit Card Call Center and this time, looks like an American, not from India, but who knows, he might be in the Philippines who are good in copying accents as compared to India Call Center agents. Again reminding me of the bill to pay. And I said, didn’t I call up to close this account already?

And they checked it out and yes it is closed and I still have some balance to pay. Funny, I have to pay for something I never have received. But the credit card system in the US is so connected and automated that this gives a red flag on your credit report. And here in the US, where there is Transunion, Experian and Equifax for the credit report, these are not like the Philippine companies: Philippine Credit Reporting Alliance Inc., CIBI Information Inc., Asian Credit Consultants and Business Services, Equifacts Information Inc., First Asia Corporate Business Connection, Excellent Credit Information Inc. where everything is connected together it one large database that businesses just subscribe to and check the credit information of anyone online.

It was like a no choice thing, that I had to pay this HSBC Credit Card annual fee just to keep my credit report nice and clean to avoid any denials in other subscription services or installment payments I may have in the future. So that’s it, I paid for the HSBC Credit Card service for something I never had.

I paid $40 last Feb 13, 2006, and another $140.15 total balance today, for this now closed HSBC credit card that I never used, and never received in the mail. I haven’t even gone through the activation thing, where I call up to activate the HSBC credit card. All I was charged was annual fees for having the HSBC Credit Card service.

After my transaction was done over the phone, I said just a few words before I end my conversation with you. I said I paid this bill, but I never received my HSBC Credit Card. And just right after I said that sentence… I was already thinking of telling him more how displeased I was and I wish it does not happen to others and that they should make it a point the HSBC Credit Card is received and activated, then they bill the client for the HSBC Credit Card annual fee. But the moment I thought of that, I did not tell it to him anymore, since I said nevermind, what will happen if I talk to you. You are in a call center, and what kind of heirarchy structure this message has to go through to get to the person involved in the system? So I just said ok thank you and byebye. And I just thought that I will just blog about this Hongkong Savings Bank Corporation Credit Card service that I was displeased of not receiving the service since I never received the HSBC Credit Card and was required to pay the annual fees. Instead of complaining and nothing happens to the complaint against HSBC Credit Card, then I will just blog about them and do some SEO magic.
So what credit card company do I recommend? Maybe any company listed in the links above this article or on the side that is not HSBC. I actually have a Direct Merchants Bank Platinum Credit Card and a Best Buy Credit Card and are happy with them, even if they are both powered by HSBC. Check the links above for other credit card companies.

What credit card do you recommend? Low APR and no annual fees. Tell me which one you like in your comments below.

And now that I have mentioned 3 credit cards here, phishers are everywhere. So those planning on doing phishing attempts, please do not bother my inbox with all the trash emails.