Found an expired domain website again!

I found an expired domain website, created 2001, tons of inbound links, has a PR5 and is in redemption period. I got it queued up for snapping. Hopefully I get it, and make good use to it. Hahaha.

I only told 1 person about it, and better not post it in the comments if ever you plan to comment about this post. Or else someone else might target it too. 😀

Stop Working! Time for back up.

Well I just noticed that my 120GB Hard Disk in an External Casing with USB, was getting near full. A lightning storm can wipe everything out. So many projects in there, and since I am fixing up a bunch of mess, I think it is time stop working for a few minutes to some hours, and do some back of near 120GB on my external drive and a bunch more on my desktop and my documents etc.

Don’t talk to me about the status of any project, LOLz, let me back up everything first.