I was a long time MS Outlook user, not only for email, but for synchronizing with my Palm, where I started with a Palm m100, then cIII and now a Zire 71. I tried StarOffice, and this other one I forgot the name. I was not happy.

My Outlook crashed twice within a week. All emails were still saved, in a separate file, but all my message filter rules were erased. And from the looks of it, My data might be erased completely soon if another crash may occur.

So I decided maybe it is time to switch to Thunderbird for my email. And even if Mozilla made the Calendar Project and Sunbird, they are not yet synchronizable with a PDA. So for other PDA Sync functions, I’ll use the standard Palm Desktop and for emails, Thunderbird. Fast running, stable, happy.

New Team on Monday, Logo Approved, Laptop, Work

At work, we are grouped in teams. A designer, a builder, a writer and we do nothing but websites. Starting monday all designers will be on one team, all builders or Production Assistants will be another team and all writers another team too.

I’m not going to comment on this, but I guess the people happy about it are those that are not happy with their team. And the people not happy about it, are those that like their team.

Logo approved. 3rd logo was chosen. Check all three!

I didn’t post what laptop I got. That’s because I didn’t get any yet, but I believe I am getting John’s Dad’s laptop.

Work, work, work… SEO for Martal Exterminators will be done once I get the content. Logo approved for, I might make it 3D. San Diego Taekwondo needs some building for the inside pages. Graveyard Chefs initial sample design needs to be done too. And follow up on all these hosting deals. Reminds me of the demo account I need to setup for Ivan.