Old School BMXers, where are they?

I just spent tons of hours not working! What a waste of time, I got tons of pending projects.

I am one BMX guy that has been riding seriously since 1986. Tried freestyle, ad played around and competed in local races in BMX and mountain biking. Influences are actually high school classmates, like Arvin Casanova and Jefferson Arrangorin. They learned earlier and I always felt I needed to catch up. When I started to finally learn, they stopped already.

I may not be as competitive as I was before, but I still have a few freestyle tricks under my sleeve. At least I still have something to show my children. There is just a time that you stop because you have to, but when the opportunity arises to still ride, even with less skills, I still ride.

That made me think, what happened to all the pros during my BMX days? I started searching and came across this website, notfreestylin.com. All I can say that this site is really good if you are one of the old school BMXers. Being a webmaster, all I can say is the website looks real bad, even how information is presented. But the information is really really good. New school BMXers may not appreciate it if they do not know the people they are talking about. Find out what happened to Eddie Fiola, Woody Itson, Martin Aparijo, Mike Dominguez, Jose Yanez and the hot Krys Dauchy (she is still hot) and more. And the pros find out about the website and actually gives in updates themselves.

One nice thing I see is that they still find time to bike, even if they are not a good as before. And another nice thing is Bob Haro and Woody Itson who now works for GT still gives free bikes to the old pros once in a while even if these old pros may not be biking in the same way they used to. They just know that they will be happy riding a new freestyle BMX bike.

One funny thing to read, if you have watched Rad over and over again on your old Betamax, there is a funny interview of Cru Jones on the website.

So to all old school BMX Freestyles, notfreestylin.com is a recommended site that you need to read.

I spent like 2 hours just reading stories on this website. Well back to work…