BenjArriola Students Blog

Today, was start of PhotoShop day for ST109B (CorelDraw, PhotoShop class). Selection tools, Copy and Paste, Using Layers were taught. After doing that, I just played around with my students website, and updated it a created a new blog for my students to visit.

This site should basically help as an educational medium to augment my current teaching at Informatics. Like my blog, it is updated occasionally, but not as often as I do on my personal blog.

The rest of the day was boring. I was preparing billing statements and official receipts of my clients on YDS Web Solution to mailed out today, but I wanted to add some thank you letters to clients who pay semi-annual, annual and quarterly. I haven’t made a letter and I decided to make one but when I was about to print it. There was people in the library where the network printer is, and I can’t really print something that is not officially for Informatics.

Now everyone plans to watch Troy this evening at SM North EDSA. I wanted to bring Marcia along and go with everyone, but Marcia told me we need to buy some stuff tonight, so I’m not going with them and will head home and do some shopping.

North Olympus House Getting Better!

My day started out with going to Federal Hardware. Marcia bought some cabinet doors again for the new kitchen cabinet where the hood will be. We also checked out Gillamacs to see the airconditioners there. We were not happy with the aircons we saw. They were not brand new, but their price was like a brand new one too.

We then checked out the cement tiles for the back of the house, but decided to get from ET Pineda Enterprises. Their prices are the same all over, so we decided to get from the people we know, and ET Pineda Enterprises is also Popo Pineda’s Family business. It mainly his parents’ business, but since we know him, we might as well talk to him on the tiles. Popo is also the drummer of the band MoonStar88.

I then brought Marcia to work and headed towards North Olympus to check out the house. The skeleton of the door roof was taking shape and looked good. I worked on the TV Rack Entertainment Center and installed the glass doors on it.

After that I headed for a car wash. And I went to the car wash again, owned by Popo Pineda. And then I brought Dawn to her UPCAT review. Printed some billing statements of YDS Web Solution and headed for work at Informatics.

Schedules got jumbled since my XP2WP (Internet & Email, MS Outlook) WF 2pm to 5pm class was replaced with Flash – Fun Animation at the same schedule. Then the old XP2WP was moved to a new time slot. Classes were interrupted when Sir Anthony Maribay came, he requested a meeting for all lecturers. He taught us the basic stuff we should know that we already know. *Ehem* But it was still a good reminder,… *ehem* *gwrraaacck* *sniff* …since we do forget basic stuff. AutoCAD was exercise as usual, drawing the classroom with all the details in it, drawn to scale.

At home, I was a bit tired, so I did not do much and went to sleep early.