No DSL Yet. Computers not setup yet. Some stuff still a mess.

-Move out of Del Dios, Escondido last Saturday going to Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego. Unloaded all stuff, stuff was a mess. After everyday sorting, arranging, fixing… things are starting to be in order.

-My two desktops are not yet working because I haven’t put everything together yet. Doing work on my laptop, not that convenient, I can deal with it being less ergonomic, but I am not used to the contrast and brightness of my laptop, and no matter how I adjust it, it does not look like how it is on my desktop. If you are working with fine lines, they seem to disappear in the laptop if they are too fine and when you adjust image brightness and contrast, hue and saturation to make it look good in the laptop, it will appear dark on the desktop. I make websites and these should be pleasing the majority of people online whom most are using desktop, I need to get my desktop’s up and running soon. Got a few additional things for MarkProf and I need major development done on The Graveyard Chef

-The shower is fixed but can’t be used for two days. So I’ll be taking a bath in Ma and Pa’s bathroom for the next two days. The phones are not setup well; we had our phones transferred too and Ma and Pa’s was connected on the 14th. Mine supposed to be on the 16th. But mysteriously, mine is connected already, and Ma and Pa’s is not yet connected. I checked all the sockets and all other wires available to get a dial tone, none of them gave a dial tone. Which means the wire in the house is not connected well to the connection box outside. I called up SBC to verify if it is connected and they said it is. So I asked the apartment manager where the main phone terminal box is, and she pointed it to me. I checked it out and it was all spaghetti. Wires everywhere, no labeling what so ever, just a few numbers written with a pentel pen, others with a pencil, and it is not clear which one it was pointing too. I thought of getting my phone and some wires outside and start calling the number on my cellphone to figure out the right connection. But that is a trial and error thing, and every time I get an error, I may be disturbing another co-resident at the apartment. There are more than 20 units here and I don’t want to risk making 20 wrong numbers before I get the right wires. So I called up SBC to have a rewiring done for me.

-My DSL comes after 10 days, I have no Internet connection at home, so I opened up a free 1175 hour, 50 day AOL dial-up Internet connection CD so at least I can use something in the meantime.

-After being a sponsor for iBlog, the Philippines’ 1st Blogging Summit, I have been having few signups, few but better than none at all. For those who haven’t seen my promo, check it out here: Imagine this, P888 per year, a free domain name, 75 MB disk space, 2000 MB traffic, unlimited emails, tons of ready-made, easy to install software. Yes, only P888 per year. Check it out.

-More people checking out Teresa Heights. Thanks for the good feedback.

-A blog visitor named Carmela posted a comment, since he was searching for Joel Arcellana, a long time childhood, neighborhood friend whom we treated as cousins. She posted a comment since she was Joe’s college classmate. I called up Joel first to make sure I got the right number, left a voice mail and he called back later in the evening. It was funny since we never talked to each other ever since he left the Philippines which was… early 90’s I think. I said he sounds different and he said I sound different. Gave a few updates of each other and went back to work. He said he hasn’t called Benny ever since he came here. Well everyone is busy here. And Benny, if ever you get to read this… belated happy birthday, which was last May 11, along with Archie Reyes from Teresa, same day. Which reminds me that Laureano “Jhun” Umagtang’s birthday, a highschool classmate, is today!

-Bills, bills, bills, I got a lot. And I also have to monitor the people I bill, check if they paid already. Good thing Amor is there to help me follow up.

-Nice thing about being here at Rancho Penasquitos, I’m near Master Won Kee Min again at Champion Taekwondo Academy. Aside from that, there is a Brazilian Jiujutsu by some student of the Gracie’s. I can’t wait to get into the Gracie system and try it out. All I know is random concepts in my head on how the Gracie system is but has never experience the actual training.

-Now time to check my wifey’s blog, along with my daughters… Jamie and Ate Dawn. Got to check them out and see how they are all doing.

-Benj Arriola Blogging out…

Back to Work

After a 3 week vacation and still working on a few projects that need some urgency, it is back to work again.

After spending 3 weeks in the Philippines, I was able to do a lot, but 3 weeks was still not enough.

At least I was able to finish some legal matters for Jamie and go with Marcia and Ate Dawn to work on their passports. Went to Bicol to attend Ate Dawn’s Graduation and go to the beaches and hot spring with the kids.

Still had time to attend an IT conference in Shangrila Manila. Basically all they talked about was mobility, and the Philippine Government’s initiative in empowering the IT SMEs. Best talk for me was by Dondi Mapa, Philippine Commissioner on ICT where he laid out the plan for ICT SMEs by the Philippine Government.

Was able to visit AME Philippines’ office and get the materials needed for the site. And met with PayPlus for the Bancnet payment gateway. I was not able to meet Nicole though to talk further about her website. requested another add-on domain. Heritage Hotel has problems with spammers.

Within the 3 weeks, I had nearly zero money. Now I need to work again and catch up with debt. Well I had no regrets, a vacation is still good and the happiest part of it is seeing my family.

A lot has happened after the vacation, but I’d like to shy away from talking about negative stuff and just look at things in a positive way. And try my best to be more productive in every way I can. Life is short, it is best to spend it in a happy way.

New Clients

Just closed a new hosting deal. Now my priority is to get Martal Exterminators done, start on Home Simon, and work on Graveyard Chef. After desinging graveyard chef, I will train Amor on building sites in full CSS, tableless sites.

Now back to work…

Work… Work… Work…

Doing an SEO only site, but decided to give it just a little design treatment to make the SEO work more.

Martal Exterminators, Inc. Current Site

Martal Exterminators, Inc. for SEO in Development

Designing was not part of the contract, but just decided to arrange things on his page.


Design with no content. Still need content from Master Min…

Current incomplete San Diego Taekwondo Association Website


Proposed design

The Graveyard Chef Study Layout


No design yet, but logo was approved.

Final Approved Home Simon Logo


Done a long time ago, but still no content from the client.

Association of Marketing Educators Development Site


Did small text updates.

MarkProf Foundation Website


Not yet done with my company’s new website.

Current YDS Web Solution Website

YDS Web Solution Website in Development


It is already March 20, past due already for my monthly hosting clients. Got to see status of collection.


Sorry Topher, I can’t work on any of this at the moment. I guess you will have to rely on Xenia and whoever you can get to help with CDBN.

CDBN Site by Xenia


Hosting does not consume much time and so far all my new hosting clients since December are:


I don’t feel like finishing this blog post. I feel sleepy.

Selling TLDs

I sell TLDs or Top Level Domains.

Domains are nothing but your address that ends in either of the following:


I have a new web hosting client that has 2 .ws domains and 1 .net. So before his domains expire, I plan to have him transfer to my domain registration company. But I do not sell .ws domains.

I checked ICANN for any news about .ws, the dot website domain, maybe it is just some TLD agreement that I need to sign to be able to sell them too. ICANN did not even handle the domain extension.

So I searched Google and typed in ISO 2-letter country code. And WS was for Samoa. True enough, the .ws is the ccTLD of Samoa.

After all this time I really thought .ws is a TLD for dot website. It was just some marketing guy whoever he/she is, thought of selling the .ws as dot website. And whoever that reseller is, he/she probably made some amount of money already with all the .ws domains out there.

And this also happened with .tv where .tv is the ccTLD for Tuvalu.

Problem, but a good problem…

Current Projects
-Finishing a an SEO site.
-Finishing a design for a Taekwondo site.
-Closed a deal, design, SEO, domain and hosting for a real estate related website.
-Closed a deal, design, domain and hosting for a food business.
-Closed a deal, hosting and 2 add-on domains.

In the works:
-A mortgage company who is waiting for the requested logins from the domain registration company for nameserver changes. Once changed, another new web hosting client.
-A web designer just thinking of a domain name. Once he decides on what domain to get, he is another new hosting and domain client.

The rest are all proposal.

They are all coming in and I am not even hard selling yet. Just passive selling and they come. Thank you Lord.

Now what is the problem?

Too much work. 😀 But is a good problem. But I also know the mistakes of Action Online, my first web company. I was spreading myself too thin, doing everything, to the point it cannot be done. A lot of promises made to clients that were not achievable. But I know what do to now, since I already learned from those mistakes. This is one reason why I am only doing passive selling since I know what my limits are and has to streamline my whole business process first before I go for all out selling and this streamlining is in progress.

Design/Programming Freedom (includes geek speak, sorry)

I was assigned a project at work involving a shopping cart program.

I think the first shopping cart I made was in 1999, for HMR Group, I also did one for Kenstar Travel, for Linux Consultants Asia, for Expocraft, for Asian Property Listing and others. Newer ones under my company like PowerHomes and Funtastic were mainly Mike’s work using my designs. My first ones I made were in Miva/dBaseIII,(without using Miva Merchant, it was really from scratch Miva shopping carts.) the later ones were all PHP/MySQL. I’ve been using payment gateways since… hmmm 2001 I think.

I started out when there were no popular ready-made shopping carts like Zen Cart, OS Commerce, Agora Cart, Interchange Cart. So I basically made everything from scratch.

During those days I was a hardcore HTML tables guy, so imagine shopping carts where the product catalog, has programming loops, they needed to count the products on every line and make some <TR> tags when needed. That really sucked, especially when the client says to change the layout or something.

Now in the CSS age, being a CSS advocate ever since I embraced the styles, I never wanted to do tables again. And my shopping cart programs in tables would be sooooo much easier with floating <div>s. Each product will just wrap down the next line. I was excited to work on this project.

And now the company wants me to use x-cart. Which is nothing but a shopping cart program they bought some time ago. There is not much design freedom and code is sooooooooo long. I guess that is how it is in any program when you try to make it 100% customizable to anything. The code is full of a lot of things not needed by the client anyway. Now I am forced to understand the programming of some other guy who made x-cart. And what I need is just a simple bare bone shopping cart with only the requirements needed by the client. Making code short and simple and easy to maintain.

I wanted to make a common easy to maintain shopping cart easily customizable for everyone to use here at work, but for some reason the company wants me to use x-cart, maybe because they are selling the product as well and showing the value of x-cart on the x-cart website.

But custom programs are even more expensive, and I wanted to make one customized for the company and I was not charging a cent. I was just happy and excited working on a new cart that will maximize the use of CSS. Well all of that happiness is going down the drain.

I will have to deal with x-cart. I hate reading someone else’s programming code. It is too time consuming. It is sometimes faster to make one yourself than trying to figure out other people’s work. But I am charging it to experience, I guess for me to feel better I will just consider everything a lesson in x-cart. So if ever I have a client that needs a shopping cart and I feel lazy to make one and I do not care about the appearance, I will give x-cart and since I have used it already, using it again should be easier this time. But on second thought, maybe not, x-cart is not free to use. Agora Cart, Zen Cart, OS Commerce, Interchange Cart are free, if ever they are paid, they are bundled with any hosting with the latest cPanel. If you need a good, reliable webhost that has cPanel, go to YDS Web Solution.


I have been so busy lately, doing all these sites. Currently for my business in the Philippines. If ever sales is made outside the Philippines, this is an online transaction and the purchase goes straight to the Philippines.

But I cannot hold office, have a business bank account, and interact directly here. But once I got my business up and running here, along with my marketing collateralsm, I’ll be doing sales all the time when the opportunity arises.

I’ll start out as a sole proprietor since my business has always been a SOHO in the Philippines. And what I will do here is basically repeating everything I have done in the Philippines.

I got so much to read. Especially on what are taxable in my services and how much tax is paid for the service I render.

Well right now, my mind is more on my vacation with my family next month. And finishing all the projects I have right now before I leave.

When I get back from my 3 week vacation, it will be more business again.

Project Management

Ever since I went into business in 1997. I can still remember Click Me! Computer Sales and Rental Service. I was doing good for sometime, then went bad. Then the same with Action Online Co. Ltd., ups and downs.

I am no graduate of any business course. And is basically a self-taught businessman. And I learned the hard way through mistakes. But I just consider what ever losses I had as my tuition fee to my own business school.

My business started as a product business and eventually became a service business where I deal with some amount of projects. When they were a bit few, they were easy to handle, but as they got more, everything started to get harder. Along with many mistakes done in the old company that can be summarized as doing to much that the company can actually handle without a back up plan of how to handle too much projects. It was unsuspected growth that messed everything up.

I always wanted to save on money and did not embrace technology right away. Everyone started having pagers and I did not have one right away. But also bought one eventually. Everyone started having cellphones and I did not opt to buy one right away, until my clients were always asking my cellphone number, then I assumed I needed one already. I did not want a PDA, and used the conventional pen and paper. My partner was the first to decide on having a PDA, and I was convinced with the productivity advantages and got one too.

Today I manage everything I do through my PDA synchronized with MS Outlook. But for many years everything was still not running smoothly. Especially when working with teams. Coordination was always a issue. It was like you have to follow up everyone on everything all the time and that alone is time consuming. And sometimes people’s free time to accommodate you don’t jive at the same moment. But somehow I was still able to handle that for half a year with my company YDS Web Solution.

Now I am here in the United States, and is also working for Einstein Industries, who has literally thousands of websites made by a big number of Webmasters in teams of three people. Collaboration is crucial for flawless delivery of projects. A small misunderstanding or something not followed up can break everything up. Fortunately our company had a project management system. We informally call it the “tracker” since we can track the status of projects. It seemed as a very effective tool that solved all problems I had in the past with regards to project management in working with teams. The software though looks proprietary, or probably a modification of something of the shelf.

For my own company, I knew I needed something similar and I came across dotProject. It had all the features I needed and work very similarly to the project management system I used at work. Right now I am just happy using dotProject and it made life a lot more easier.

Sorry I am not placing a review of dotProject here, I will probably place is somewhere in my students’ blog someday. All I want to do here is express my happiness using it.

If you are in search of a web hosting service that has a Project Management System like dotProject installed, you can contact me. Send me an email.