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Actually I am just thinking about setting up this workshop in San Diego. This is not final yet. I go home to the Philippines every year and I always have something going on there when I go back. Like the CSS, PHP, AJAX Workshop and the CSS and WordPress Plugin Development, and the SEO for Megasites at the Search Engine Marketing Conference. Might as well do the same while in San Diego.

After getting so many IM message from other people asking different questions, maybe it is time to help you out a lot more further with a more complete and in-depth learning experience that will really make a difference in your work. A quick workshop to get you started but not too long with theoretical concepts and lectures that can be boring. Let’s make it all hands-on learning by example.

To come up with this workshop, I wanted to know your expectations, research how much a venue may cost me and decide on a fair price. To help me in the planning stage, if you are from San Diego and already makes website by one way or another and wants to go a step further, I was thinking of having a series of Workshops on basic Tabless CSS, or Basic PHP/MySQL that will get you started right away, or getting started in SEO, or Making Extra Money in Blogging. My blogs make about $300-$500 a month spending about 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. If any of these interest you please answer the survey below. It’s less than 10 questions!

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And of course I am not the the expert in everything, I listed down the topics I am very confident in teaching and has a proven working knowledge of. If you are in San Diego and believes you have some other areas of expertise like Forum Community Development and Monetization, Making Money with Affiliate Marketing, Getting Started with PPC, AJAX, Flash, etc, leave me a comment and maybe we can collaborate to work things out together.

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