When will I be certified?

Apogee Search in Austin Texas is one of the SEMPO supporters and I believe they are also an Adwords Qualified Company right now. One nice thing I see with Apogee is they are not only concerned with the clicks a client gets from a PPC campaign or from SEO efforts. They are interested in the customers they can bring in to clients. Which I believe should be a must in every SEO/SEM service.

I blogged about my opinion on Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing certification already on Ituloy AngSulong. I still believe these certifications may not be proof of one’s proficiency in SEO/SEM, but I think I still need it just for better client trust and no other purpose. Although I have my ways of proving my SEO/SEM proficiency with my current clients’ performance, having these certifications will just probably help a little bit more in my own ability to sell. So when will I be certified?

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