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Problogger Darren Rose thinks degrades blog quality.Darren Rowse is an excellent blogger. And he has made a living out of blogging. He blogs for profit. His site is He even provides some consultancy on how to make profits out of blogging and is an authority in the field. But he does not believe in He has cited several websites as well that do not like the idea. And a general pattern I see is getting paid per post decreases the credibility of the post and will just pollute the blogosphere.

I Get Paid to Blog. And I believe it is the same in the real world from face-to-face product endorsments, radio, TV and print. An article in a magazine, an interview on the radio or TV, it is all about promoting yourself or promoting your service, or promoting your product. Many post against talk about approval and reviews, that is it not screened. But as for my post, I have had rejected postings and I needed to edit them to get them approved. They also talk about people giving reviews on a product or service without trying them. This is the responsibility of the blogger. I do not want to give reviews personally of something I haven’t tried. But I give my opinions on a product based on what they are offering. And many advertisers give free samples of their product or service for testing purposes.

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