Before and After – New Table

I just got a new table, and I am not done fixing everything yet. I bought the same table I have at work. Not because I love that table, but I found that it is the cheapest of it’s kind. But instead of the gray finish, I for the wooden finish.

The table before

Table Before

The table now

Table Now

Table Now

But not everything is working yet, the monitor on is set to extended desktop on my Laptop. The 21″ monitor will be for my desktop that I have not reformatted yet eversince the hard disk got burned during the San Diego September 2005 Lightning Storm. The panel monitor with the mounting arm is for the Mac Mini that I still need to plug together.


Not everything is fixed yet

Aside from not being done with the computers, I got…

…junk on the bed…

Junk on the bed

…junk on the floor…

Junk on the floor

…junk on my end table…

Junk on the end table

And tons of projects to finish. 🙁

But they will all be done.