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Hi, I was using the WordPress Default template by Kubrick, and I did several customizations to it and it got all erased after I upgraded WordPress from 2.0 to 2.0.1. So now I made it a point, if ever I am going to customize my template, I will not do to the default one and keep it in the default folder. So they do not get overwritten when upgraded.

I searched for an ideal template to modify and I found this Neat template. I did modify it a bit with some PHP magic and made my header graphic randomly changing every page load with pictures I have taken myself. A complete set of the pictures feature on the header portion of this page can be found here.
I did several changes adding in my adsense where and there. I also did my wife a favor, redoing her own blog template. And guess what, she wanted our picture on the blog. Haha. Now I still have to work on Ate Dawn’s and Jamie’s Blogs, but I need to work also, so I will get to those later on.

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