Clients who do not know who to blame.

Clients come in all flavors…

The type of client that makes life colorful, are those that do not know who to blame. those that does not know where the mistake is. But no matter what the problem is, your fault or somebody else’s or sometimes their fault, it will all be your fault.

But I am a pretty patient person. Tell me all you want to say. You may be mad, irritated or a flaming hot screaming client. And I will just listen and find out what the problem is… fix it if it is a problem of my service, and if not, simply point out what is causing the problem.

But I still, do not leave the client in the dark if it is not a problem with my service. The best I can do is calmly point out the problem and lead them into the right direction to get their problem solved.

Now with a growing number of clients, having more than 100 websites on my server, this is just a beginning. I know it will be tougher as the number increases. Bring it on!

Fill up my server more so I can hire a full time techsupport personnel. To the point that every 5 to 10 minutes, a new client will have a problem because they do not know what they are doing, and will call up, email or chat with the company.

As more clients come in, I am taking this challenge. Give me more so I can hire a call center to handle you all when you get to 500 maybe.