Project Management

Ever since I went into business in 1997. I can still remember Click Me! Computer Sales and Rental Service. I was doing good for sometime, then went bad. Then the same with Action Online Co. Ltd., ups and downs.

I am no graduate of any business course. And is basically a self-taught businessman. And I learned the hard way through mistakes. But I just consider what ever losses I had as my tuition fee to my own business school.

My business started as a product business and eventually became a service business where I deal with some amount of projects. When they were a bit few, they were easy to handle, but as they got more, everything started to get harder. Along with many mistakes done in the old company that can be summarized as doing to much that the company can actually handle without a back up plan of how to handle too much projects. It was unsuspected growth that messed everything up.

I always wanted to save on money and did not embrace technology right away. Everyone started having pagers and I did not have one right away. But also bought one eventually. Everyone started having cellphones and I did not opt to buy one right away, until my clients were always asking my cellphone number, then I assumed I needed one already. I did not want a PDA, and used the conventional pen and paper. My partner was the first to decide on having a PDA, and I was convinced with the productivity advantages and got one too.

Today I manage everything I do through my PDA synchronized with MS Outlook. But for many years everything was still not running smoothly. Especially when working with teams. Coordination was always a issue. It was like you have to follow up everyone on everything all the time and that alone is time consuming. And sometimes people’s free time to accommodate you don’t jive at the same moment. But somehow I was still able to handle that for half a year with my company YDS Web Solution.

Now I am here in the United States, and is also working for Einstein Industries, who has literally thousands of websites made by a big number of Webmasters in teams of three people. Collaboration is crucial for flawless delivery of projects. A small misunderstanding or something not followed up can break everything up. Fortunately our company had a project management system. We informally call it the “tracker” since we can track the status of projects. It seemed as a very effective tool that solved all problems I had in the past with regards to project management in working with teams. The software though looks proprietary, or probably a modification of something of the shelf.

For my own company, I knew I needed something similar and I came across dotProject. It had all the features I needed and work very similarly to the project management system I used at work. Right now I am just happy using dotProject and it made life a lot more easier.

Sorry I am not placing a review of dotProject here, I will probably place is somewhere in my students’ blog someday. All I want to do here is express my happiness using it.

If you are in search of a web hosting service that has a Project Management System like dotProject installed, you can contact me. Send me an email.