Amateur-Made Video Starring Me

Last September 11, 2004, I was caught on tape. I was with someone in a very tiring act. We were both going full blast but I ran out of gas earlier.

The cameraman, Mr. William Pintos was filming something else but when he saw us, he took a video of us too.

What I did in this video is a lot more tiring than what Paris Hilton did in her videos that are circulating in the Internet.

I may not be victorious with this video, but you will see in the video that I am *ehem* the second best in San Diego. Nyhahahaha

You will need Windows Media Player by the way. I uploaded a small 2.7MB video, if you want to see a clearer copy, I got a 9.3MB version of the clip too.

I actually just captured this video from a VHS tape and if you watched the whole tape, there is actually many of us, all doing it at the same time.

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One thought on “Amateur-Made Video Starring Me

  1. galing! ang galing nung kalaban. he he he. joke only. well, in any battle, there are two sides – victory and greater victory. you didn’t lose. you were a victor because you tried. but since your opponent won the battle, he is the greater victor.

    nonetheless – two thumbs up – for the fight and the video.

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