Get-Together Event Today

To ICI-Commonwealth people,

May celebration daw, it is:

  • Tiney’s Post-Birthday Celebration
  • Tiney’s Despedida Celebration
  • Bong’s Despedida Celebration
  • Annabel’s Welcoming Celebration
  • Shawie’s Birthday Celebration
  • Benj’s Despedida Celebration
  • Benj and Marcia’s House Blessing to be blessed by Fr. Louie Morales

And we are having it here sa house namin, just come here after work. Potlock tayo ha? Kahit ano dalhin n’yo. Kwentuhan lang naman tayo. The address and sketch will be posted sa, pass the message na lang sa mga wala sa egroup.

Resigned Informatics, Decided to go Abroad, Making Preparations

I resigned from Informatics Computer Institute last May 30, 2004. But is just finishing the remaining short-term classes I have there. I decided to resign since I needed to earn more money since we got a lot of bills to pay and without Marcia working too, it would have been a lot more harder.

I resigned since I have been earning bigger through I.T. projects that I get through YDS Web Solution, my I.T. company and decided to concentrate first on the company while I need more money at this present time.

Still with so many bills to pay, even if the company is earning money, it is still not enough and I have been contemplating on working abroad.

Marcia’s parents are here in the Philippines right now, and I have been thinking on going with them to the US on the 22nd. Since I am an American citizen, going to the States would not really be a problem. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to go with them this 22nd of June. So everyday seems to be a rush.

Now about my company, YDS Web Solution and, they will still both be running smoothly, with or without my presence in the Philippines, since we are all connected online. My clients will have nothing to worry about and Marcia will be your physical contact person in the Philippines. Everything will run smoothly as if I did not leave the country.

I will come back as soon as I get to pay for all the bills here in the Philippines, and to all my clients, that would not take that long.

Mama and Papa Arrival

As the day started, I was still awake from the previous day. I was burning CDs for my students in PC Networks and Troubleshooting. When I reached the last CD, I laid down on two chairs and closed my eyes to take a nap, and after 10 seconds of rest, Marcia woke me up and told me to get ready to go to the airport.

We left the house at 4:45am and got to the airport at 5:15am. I even felt like I was not going that fast since I was sleepy and would not want anything crazy to happen since sleepiness sometimes slows down reaction time. We were a bit early so me and Marcia slept first in the car.

When we woke up, it was past 6 already. We first saw Joey and Puking in the van. Then we joined Emil, Janet and Harry. I was so sleepy, I sat on the sidewalk as they waited, experiencing microsleeps. When Mama and Papa came, we all greeted them, welcoming them back to the Philippines.

Harry was the first to leave since he still had some work and already had a memo on tardiness at GSIS. Marcia, I and Emil left next since Marcia had to get to work since her boss was getting irritated already for her many lates and absences. I needed to get to work as well. Emil had to go, since I also needed to assist him to his appointment at Dr. Jameson Uys clinic.

Before we left, Janet asked is we could bring Harry’s pants, that he left with Janet. When we passed by GSIS, it was all traffic all the way back to EDSA.

At Emil’s appointment, he found out that he has a cyst in his knee. Thus a surgeon should work on his knee and not a chiropractor.

When I got home, I prepared to go to work, got their late. After my class I received a Notice to Explain document, tell me to explain my absences and tardiness.

When I got home we still needed to go to and fro at North Olympus up to night time.

Things not done

I had to bring CDs today at Informatics. They are the PC networks and troubleshooting CDs for my students. I was not able to burn them all on time.

I had to bring the BayanTel application today. I was not able to, since I was burning CDs.

I needed to bring some printouts to En Blaze, but was not able to. Since I needed to clarify some things before I printed them and was not able to talk to Ms. Lani.

It was tiring going back and forth Olympus, Teresa, Olympus, Teresa… but that’s fine. As long as it is for family and relatives, since these kinds of events don’t happen all the time.

Jamie’s Fever

It’s the 3rd day of Jamie’s fever. It’s a Monday, and it’s my day off at work. So most of the time I’ll be with Jamie. She has been taking Biogesic for kids orange flavor, 2.5ml every 4 hours.

Passed by North Olympus to bring some plates, spoons and forks since Kuya Gerry & Emil are there right now.

Will call up Dr. Jameson Uy later to set an appointment for Emil. Then bring Ate Dawn to her UPCAT Review.

Got to finish a CD for my PC Troubleshooting and Networking class. And talk to Lani of En Blaze for print-job clarifications.

Emil’s Arrival!

Last night, right after work, I headed to McDonald’s just outside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth where I work. This is were Marcia, Dawn and Jamie were waiting. We were all heading for the airport to pick up Emil, Marcia’s younger brother coming from Japan.

In the car, with us was my colleague Bennette who road along up to Philcoa where we then headed home since out way was also his direction home.

It was 9:40pm when we left and the estimated time of arrival of the plane was 10:40. We got there on time since there was no traffic. We first went to the Centennial Airport, and found out we support to be at Ninoy Aquino International Airport since Centennial is for Philippine Airline flights only.

When we got there, Jamie kept going all over the place while we waited for Emil to arrive. We stayed at the waiting area labeled GHIJK which means that is the area where the people arriving with lastnames starting with G, H, I, J and K should go to. When Emil arrived he Marcia to go to section TVU waiting area.

We then all walked to the parking area and headed straight home. Dawn was so tired and sleepy, she was out cold in a few minutes along with Jamie beside her. Me, Marcia and Emil ate some mechado for dinner and had a few chats.

Before I retired to bed, me and Marcia did some few emails to send and receive and Emil got to bed. Emil slept in our room. Me, Marcia, Dawn and Jamie slept in Mama’s room. My Mom slept in my sister’s room with my sister and her kids.

We all woke up about 9am preparing to go to work. I was not able to go to work on time since I remembered I needed to print something for En Blaze, my client and burned a CD, brought the laptop and printer to work so I could do it there in my freetime.

Emil seemed to be preparing all his schedules since the day his foot landed on Philippine soil. He was finding out where places are and how to get there.

My teaching schedule is 9am to 9pm and I am still at work right now, will be back home in 4 hours. And after that me and Marcia will go to Citation to do a few things there before going to bed.

BenjArriola Students Blog

Today, was start of PhotoShop day for ST109B (CorelDraw, PhotoShop class). Selection tools, Copy and Paste, Using Layers were taught. After doing that, I just played around with my students website, and updated it a created a new blog for my students to visit.

This site should basically help as an educational medium to augment my current teaching at Informatics. Like my blog, it is updated occasionally, but not as often as I do on my personal blog.

The rest of the day was boring. I was preparing billing statements and official receipts of my clients on YDS Web Solution to mailed out today, but I wanted to add some thank you letters to clients who pay semi-annual, annual and quarterly. I haven’t made a letter and I decided to make one but when I was about to print it. There was people in the library where the network printer is, and I can’t really print something that is not officially for Informatics.

Now everyone plans to watch Troy this evening at SM North EDSA. I wanted to bring Marcia along and go with everyone, but Marcia told me we need to buy some stuff tonight, so I’m not going with them and will head home and do some shopping.

North Olympus House Getting Better!

My day started out with going to Federal Hardware. Marcia bought some cabinet doors again for the new kitchen cabinet where the hood will be. We also checked out Gillamacs to see the airconditioners there. We were not happy with the aircons we saw. They were not brand new, but their price was like a brand new one too.

We then checked out the cement tiles for the back of the house, but decided to get from ET Pineda Enterprises. Their prices are the same all over, so we decided to get from the people we know, and ET Pineda Enterprises is also Popo Pineda’s Family business. It mainly his parents’ business, but since we know him, we might as well talk to him on the tiles. Popo is also the drummer of the band MoonStar88.

I then brought Marcia to work and headed towards North Olympus to check out the house. The skeleton of the door roof was taking shape and looked good. I worked on the TV Rack Entertainment Center and installed the glass doors on it.

After that I headed for a car wash. And I went to the car wash again, owned by Popo Pineda. And then I brought Dawn to her UPCAT review. Printed some billing statements of YDS Web Solution and headed for work at Informatics.

Schedules got jumbled since my XP2WP (Internet & Email, MS Outlook) WF 2pm to 5pm class was replaced with Flash – Fun Animation at the same schedule. Then the old XP2WP was moved to a new time slot. Classes were interrupted when Sir Anthony Maribay came, he requested a meeting for all lecturers. He taught us the basic stuff we should know that we already know. *Ehem* But it was still a good reminder,… *ehem* *gwrraaacck* *sniff* …since we do forget basic stuff. AutoCAD was exercise as usual, drawing the classroom with all the details in it, drawn to scale.

At home, I was a bit tired, so I did not do much and went to sleep early.

Back to work…

Yesterday Morning, I was not able to wake up early even if Marcia kept waking me up and when I woke up, she no longer had time to pass by Federal Hardware. So we both went straight to work. Our plan for the day was to go to PNB Escolta at around lunch time, just after my 9am to 12pm class, and come back just in time for my 6pm to 9pm class. Unfortunately, Marcia was not able to get out of work. So what I did instead was to pass by Ever Gotesco HomeWorks as recommended by Marcia for me to pass by and get the glass windows for the entertainment center furniture that we did not get when we bought it. I did not have any problems at all, as Ter, the guy at HomeWorks, simply got the glass and handed it over. At Informatics, Bennette was fixing all the wirings of the server putting the UPS plugs in the right places, and I was installing a new hard disk on one of the PCs.

Sir Dan talked to me about my lates and absences, and all he said is whatever my plans are, give them a notice and tell them right away so they can prepare. It was also Tiney’s birthday that day, happy birthday Tiney! And she got Greenwich Pizza for everyone and also gave us a Big-O(That’s Zest-O Big 250)!

For my XP2PC classes, boy they didn’t come again! So there is still no classes. But still decided to stay at the center since I was not finished working on the computer I was installing the new hard disk.