Total Domains

Thanks to a third party monitoring service, they have been monitoring the number of domains on my server.

Total Domains on My Server

Nice trend for the past 6 weeks. And yes! I now host 0.0003% of the worlds domains! Yes, I am on my way to global domination! Now if I can just reach 0.0004% next week, and maintain that rate, I will dominate the world, hosting every domain on the planet (assuming the domains do not increase) after 20,833 years and 4 months! Hmmm sounds like a realistic target, now, I need to search online for an immortality potion, there should be one on eBay based on their ads after doing a search on Google.

Another Three!

I got another 3 web hosting clients today. Looks like everything is rolling out as planned 2 years ago. Clients will double in 2005 and for 2006 is keep and maintain all clients and get news ones as well. I got my 4th branch of a computer school as a hosting client. Thanks also to my Marketing Staff Amor aka Domie, who took the initiative to target the market and is slowly going for each one. I got 2 web hosting clients I know from work from a day job.

FAQs Page Done

Yeah I have a web company, maintaining about 30 sites, 2 with pending design. So many hosting inquiries with 150+ hosting clients. Just like how Action Online was may years ago, the site was like forever under construction but was still selling well. At lease I got the FAQ pages done, problem is, there is no FAQ in it. Hahaha. But at least the engine is done and for every question we get, we can slowly update the FAQs page.

New Blog Template

Hi, I was using the WordPress Default template by Kubrick, and I did several customizations to it and it got all erased after I upgraded WordPress from 2.0 to 2.0.1. So now I made it a point, if ever I am going to customize my template, I will not do to the default one and keep it in the default folder. So they do not get overwritten when upgraded.

I searched for an ideal template to modify and I found this Neat template. I did modify it a bit with some PHP magic and made my header graphic randomly changing every page load with pictures I have taken myself. A complete set of the pictures feature on the header portion of this page can be found here.
I did several changes adding in my adsense where and there. I also did my wife a favor, redoing her own blog template. And guess what, she wanted our picture on the blog. Haha. Now I still have to work on Ate Dawn’s and Jamie’s Blogs, but I need to work also, so I will get to those later on.

Going against the top guns

I have an SEO client who has been doing well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), I checked the top terms they appear in. And in one of the keyterms, where my client still gets a first page result, and is at number 5, on that page, the number 1 result is by Jeremy Zowodny. And I said to myself.. !@#$%$^&#^&*$##$@#!^!#

Client website Hacked!

One of my web hosting clients, Informatics Computer Institute – Commonwealth, Philippines, has an online forum that no one barely talks in it, most of the time me since it is a computer school website and is interested to talk about computer stuff but people barely talk. Anyway, they run phpBB, and we already know in the past history of phpBB, Invision Power board, SMF Forums, VBulletin and all these other message boards, I think the most times I heard a board be hacked, I think I have only heard this happen on phpBB. Check the forum if they are still in the hack mode on the Informatics website.

I simply looked at the source, does not look anything high-tech. It was just a posting with HTML code, a big div tag, a large width and height, with a high z-index, colored it black and it is done. Looks valid to be done on anything with HTML input allowed with no restriction on the kinds of tags. I guess that is all what phpBB needs to work on, the type of HTML tags allowed.

I feel good today!

Last wAek, I s@ay up uHtil 3amfor thedays SuHday, MoHday, TuAsday an@ Wednes@ay. AndI wake Ap usualHy at 5:5am so I was ge@ting abIut lessthan 3 Hours ofsleep fIr 4 dayA. And oH ThursdAy and F@iday, Ijust coAld not @o it anImore. 1 3 of ou@ life iA spent Aleepingand my @ractiioH of sleAping li@e span Aas decrAasing aHd just @eally nAeded tosleep. After a 2 hour Aleep whAre I woIe up onSaturdaI, I stiHl had aheavy hAad, andstill mAnaged tI work abit, onprocedu@al stuf@ that dI not reAuire muAh thinkIng. TheH I got A 10 hou@ sleep @his Sun@ay and I feel gIod agaiH! I feeH I can Atay awaIe againfor a wAek! hahAhaha. WARNING rAaders: @o not dI this a@ home. lol*

My Satu@day nigHt laste@ until Aunday mIrning jAst maskIng in PhItoshopˆ thIs pictu@e of baIboo, wi@h leaveA and stAms goinA all ovAr the pHace. MaAking waA tediouA, but Ijust neAded it @or somesite. Ispent a large nAmber ofhours dIing it Ahile liAtening Ro some @odcast
a title “CamronDeen” tqrget=”_@lank” h@ef=”htt@://”>Camron Deen has recommended.

Now I got to…

  1. Add the bamboo to the design.
  2. Bill some clients, like Edgar and Drew. Hehe. John is paying on Feb 7, no need to remind him.
  3. Prepare some documentation needed for my phone meeting tomorrow with my lawyer for setting up a Nevada Corporation.
  4. Change some font and make a random picture mast head and header graphic of another client.

It is 5:45pm on a Sunday afternoon and hopefully everything gets done for me to still get good sleep for a Monday morning at work.

I didn’t get to go to Mike H.’s birthday, I was just too sleepy to go. I believe he does not read this blog, he may not even know it exists, but well I’ll just still announce on the blog for Mike, just in case he does see this: Happy Birthday and sorry I was not able to come.

Now, back to work…