The Race to $1Million

Online friend of mine, Mike Lopez, are in a race. A race where only the two of us are in the contest where we are against each other. We have both been playing around with SEO and I can say I have been doing SEO for more than year, but there is still so much to learn. We are both beginners in the affiliate marketing/ad publishing arena of the Internet and everyday is like continuous learning try new tricks everyday.

Right now we are in a race to the first to earn a total of $1 Million US Dollars! Hahahaha, a large amount, and only through 1 type of revenue stream. We are both like earning only less than $30/month, through this new revenue stream, but seem both optimistic on winning the race. Maybe because we both think that it is possible… and we both want to prove it is.

Right now he is way ahead of me creating viral capaigns, while I am leading in the higher paying market. Mike recently attacked a higher paying market too put it still takes some time to propagate and seen everywhere, while I got time to build my viral strategies.

Problem is, I got to finish a client site real quick first, then go to back to the viral site I am working on. But that gives another day for Mike to gain more lead. Hopefully the bots don’t crawl on him yet and give me more time to catch up later. LOLz!

Found an expired domain website again!

I found an expired domain website, created 2001, tons of inbound links, has a PR5 and is in redemption period. I got it queued up for snapping. Hopefully I get it, and make good use to it. Hahaha.

I only told 1 person about it, and better not post it in the comments if ever you plan to comment about this post. Or else someone else might target it too. 😀

Excited on my new coming websites!

Well I can’t say more than that. I’m just excited for the sites to come.

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