200 Soon!

I was expecting to hit the 200 domains hosted on my server by the end of 2006. Looks like I hit it already even before the first half of 2006. Now I will target 400 domains hosted on my server then for 2006. It requires even more planning, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Near 200 domains

Found an expired domain website again!

I found an expired domain website, created 2001, tons of inbound links, has a PR5 and is in redemption period. I got it queued up for snapping. Hopefully I get it, and make good use to it. Hahaha.

I only told 1 person about it, and better not post it in the comments if ever you plan to comment about this post. Or else someone else might target it too. 😀

Stop Working! Time for back up.

Well I just noticed that my 120GB Hard Disk in an External Casing with USB, was getting near full. A lightning storm can wipe everything out. So many projects in there, and since I am fixing up a bunch of mess, I think it is time stop working for a few minutes to some hours, and do some back of near 120GB on my external drive and a bunch more on my desktop and my documents etc.

Don’t talk to me about the status of any project, LOLz, let me back up everything first.

Breakfast for Lunch, Lunch for Dinner

I think I got too much used to my old business Action Online, Co. Ltd. I work until sunrise, eat breakfast, sleep until past noon. Wake up at around 2 or 3pm, work until sunrise again. I just seem to finish a lot more work during those times.

Sometimes my body still wants to work at the schedule. Last night, I got a site done at around 4:30am and obviously, that is too long awake already to get sleep for the next day. Although I have done this many times, having done it in the previous days just did not let my make my body do it this time. Alarm clocks did not work, but it seems I unconsiously turned them off.

I woke up at 10:30am and my work is at 8:00am, and I chatted right away with my direct superior boss. And expresses that he can help me to some extent, but after that, I need to help myself. What a mess I am in, and even if I can get to pull out of it, after a certain time period, I get pulled back in. I prepared to go to work and saw my packed lunch adobo ready prepared on the table. And I left at lunch time, and I decided to eat cereal instead and eat my packed lunch for dinner while at work since I worked at extended hours.

Again, work seems to be faster to me during this time. At night onwards, work is fast and easy to do. But that is not the corporate life, and I need to adapt to the situation. And this is one of the messes in my life that I need to fix. The more mess I get fixed, the more prosperous it will be.

Right now, I am under a mentoring program, a 17-month mentoring program under Raymond Aaron. He is like a personal coach who will help me out in fixing a bunch of stuff. From family, to business, to health, and people like Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and Jack Canfield, author of the books Chicken Soup for the Soul are some of the people he has mentored. And I do hope this mentoring program does work, to help fix out the messes.

Excited on my new coming websites!

Well I can’t say more than that. I’m just excited for the sites to come.

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