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I also do Web stuff at work. , Geary Interactive, An interactive agency in the heart of downtown San Diego I am one of the web guys in the creative department. Although I an not that skilled in interactive Macromedia Flash animation that the company where I work, Geary Interactive does, Geary has an excellent team of Interactive Flash animation designers that do that job for the clients. of GearyI – Interactive Agency Since Geary people at work are pretty creative, here is some creative work I do when the interactive advertising design workload is not that high at this online web agency in San Diego.

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First time high blogging traffic!

One of my blogs gets some good amount of traffic, although I am not that great of a high profit problogger. But what my blogs earn helps pay the bills. I was surprised that one of my blogs. Action Online which just gets about 1000+ unique IP hits every month suddenly hit 3000+ for this month. It was mainly because of the Friendster Embassy VIP Boob Flash Story Bulletin Hack Worm. Wow I finally got a number on the on the graphic on the sidebar. I think only the top 100 gets a number. And finally got to number 70. But if I have no good story nex time, I can be gone next month. I wonder how Rickey and BryanBoy stays on top, they have such large followings.

Google Maps Updates More Places in the Philippines

I have been using Google Maps and Google Earth ever since they came out I think. Images of places in the Philippines were still low resolution. But more and more higher resolution photos are coming out. And I just had a nice time “flying” over home while I am away from home.

I grew up here in Teresa Heights, Novaliches, QC

Home where I grew up, Where my Mom, Sis' Family are. Walang nag swiswiming? Buy Coke here. Pag ubos na, dito na lang. Buy Halohalo here during summer.Where I live in the Philippines, in North Olympus, Novaliches QC

Janet and Harry's New Home. Home where my family is. Buy Softdrinks here. Hindi po ito lugar ng mayayaman at mahahaba ang bubong. Mga townhouses po ito.One of the BMX flatland freestyle spots me and my friends go to.

Freestyle Area Cul-de-sac. We called it 'the circle'Teresa Heights Park Area

Parish of Mary the Queen, Pasong Putik Barangay Hall, Basketball and Tennis Courts, Teresa Heights Golf Driving Range, Mga concrete tiles binebenta dito. Skatepark ni Erlan, nagbabaha dito. May misa nung kinuha ang photo. Daming Cars.A quick swimming spot that you can actually walk to coming from Teresa Heights.

Neopolitan Brittany Subdivision ClubhouseAnother walking distance from Teresa Heights. It is like Teresa Height’s residents’ second home. Hahaha

Robinson's Place Novaliches SM City Fairview Mall

Before and After – New Table

I just got a new table, and I am not done fixing everything yet. I bought the same table I have at work. Not because I love that table, but I found that it is the cheapest of it’s kind. But instead of the gray finish, I for the wooden finish.

The table before

Table Before

The table now

Table Now

Table Now

But not everything is working yet, the monitor on is set to extended desktop on my Laptop. The 21″ monitor will be for my desktop that I have not reformatted yet eversince the hard disk got burned during the San Diego September 2005 Lightning Storm. The panel monitor with the mounting arm is for the Mac Mini that I still need to plug together.


Not everything is fixed yet

Aside from not being done with the computers, I got…

…junk on the bed…

Junk on the bed

…junk on the floor…

Junk on the floor

…junk on my end table…

Junk on the end table

And tons of projects to finish. 🙁

But they will all be done.

The Race to $1Million

Online friend of mine, Mike Lopez, are in a race. A race where only the two of us are in the contest where we are against each other. We have both been playing around with SEO and I can say I have been doing SEO for more than year, but there is still so much to learn. We are both beginners in the affiliate marketing/ad publishing arena of the Internet and everyday is like continuous learning try new tricks everyday.

Right now we are in a race to the first to earn a total of $1 Million US Dollars! Hahahaha, a large amount, and only through 1 type of revenue stream. We are both like earning only less than $30/month, through this new revenue stream, but seem both optimistic on winning the race. Maybe because we both think that it is possible… and we both want to prove it is.

Right now he is way ahead of me creating viral capaigns, while I am leading in the higher paying market. Mike recently attacked a higher paying market too put it still takes some time to propagate and seen everywhere, while I got time to build my viral strategies.

Problem is, I got to finish a client site real quick first, then go to back to the viral site I am working on. But that gives another day for Mike to gain more lead. Hopefully the bots don’t crawl on him yet and give me more time to catch up later. LOLz!