Election Results, My Projects and Other work.

I remember just before I slept in the morning, FPJ was leading in ABS-CBNs quick count by about 15,000 votes, but now GMA is starting to pull away.

ABS-CBN Unofficial Quick Count Results as of 7:17AM on Tuesday, May 11, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 587,027
FPJ 562,976

INQ7 / AMA Quick Count as of 8:40PM on Monday, May 10, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 109,134
FPJ 108,642

I hope the result stay that way.

Now is my break time at Informatics and I get to work on other stuff so I am now working on the Funtastic website again which is now on it’s 3rd layout.

Check out how it is doing:

Funtastic Stuff Sample Sites

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

My morning 9am to 12pm class ended already and my next class is at 6pm and I am making the most of my time working on this site.

Presidential Election Day, Belated Mother’s Day Celebration and Murphy’s Doing it again!

Today is presidential election day in the Philippines. But as usual I did not vote because I can’t, since I am not a Filipino citizen. Elections in the Philippines are sometimes violent, but so far, thank God this year seems to be a lot more peaceful.

I started out my day working on the Funtastic website that should be online today. Then everyone at home at lunch at Dory’s for a post-mother’s day celebration. At least Mom was able to rest from cooking. I had no money that day so Ats and Marcia paid for everything. It was also nice to have Allan Go around.

We then went out to buy a few stuff for the house, but we ended up just buying a clock. Once we got home I went on working the Funtastic site again and for some mysterious reason, Murphy has been playing around with PhotoShop and made it not run. Just when I really needed this online. I tried installing it again, it didn’t work. I tried uninstalling GrandVision DVII, since it was the last thing I installed, as well as DirectX 8.0. Still did not work. I am now downloading DirectX 9.0b, as well as a new driver for GrandVision DVII, they may be causing conflicts with PhotoShop. I have been downloading DirectX for the last 45 minutes, and I still have more than an hour left. The DVII driver is also taking some time. Will login again later for other updates.

Late for Work, Paquiao, Business

I supposed to be out already and be at work. I didn’t get to leave in the morning basically because of all the things Marcia needed to buy for the house, and I needed to accompany her to the various shops. Now my plans were all offset basically because of Manny Paquiao.

Our Mother’s Day lunch celebration for Mom, Marcia and Ats was postponed and moved to May 13 instead, since it was a common time for everyone where we all had no work.

I haven’t printed my billing statements for my clients, and haven’t cut the .psd files I need for Funtastic, but will work on them today. Right now I have to run to work right away where I am already late. It is my PC Networks and Troubleshooting class today and I have to teach file sharing and printer sharing today. I’ll be home at 9pm and will cut the .psd and prepare my billings for tomorrow.

I wanted to finish the Paquiao fight before I left to go to work, but I could not wait that long anymore, anyway, I know it is a delayed telecast by a few hours in the Philippines, so I decided to check out the results at Fight News and found out it was a draw. Now after a tiring day already, I still have to dress up and go on to my teaching schedule at Informatics.

While online, I decided to update my AVG, Ad-Aware and SpywareBuster, SpyBot and GFI LANguard. All had updates except SpyBot and LANGuard (as expected). There must be some new virus / spyware out there. So did a full virus scan, as well as spyware scan and got nothing but safe cookies.

Now, I’ve got to go and will write new updates again later.