The Truth About Q33 NY

Have you heard about Flight Q33 that it was one of the 9-11 flights that went into the World Trade Center? And then you change the font of Q33 NY to Wingdings, it shows a message of what happened in the last September 11 tragedy in New York. So is this Q33 NY thing true or not? Well there was really no Q33 flight going to NY at all.

But the Q33 NY flight was made so popular by some circulated email. Along with other numbers trying to look for coincidences in the event.

To know more about this email circulating with the Q33 NY thing, go to the article on with the story about the email that has been circulating that has the Q33 NY.

Q33 NY is not true.

Scores dead in game show stampede


First posted 11:15am (Mla time) Feb 04, 2006

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(2nd UPDATE) OVER 70 people were killed and as many as 201 others were injured Saturday when a stampede broke out at a stadium in Pasig City, officials said.

Vice President Noli de Castro told a news briefing aired live on television that at least 79 people died after thousands of people stampeded into the Philsports arena, previously known as ULTRA, to attend the live broadcast of a popular television variety show by ABS-CBN network.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque was quoted by Agence France-Presse as saying that the total number of fatalities had risen to 71.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is expected to visit the site of the tragedy later Saturday, her chief aide Eduardo Ermita said.

She expressed sorrow over the incident and ordered all government agencies to extend their full support to the victims.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation. Some officials have said that a person in the crowd had shouted “bomb,” triggering the stampede but survivors and police investigators said it was just the sheer crush of people, surging into a narrow passageway to enter the stadium.

Aside from De Castro, Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross and Metro Manila police chief Vidal Querol were on hand early to assist the victims, most of who were brought to the Rizal Medical Center and Medical City.

The stampede erupted at around 6 a.m. as thousands, including those who had been camped outside the stadium since Wednesday, were lined up to watch “Wowowee.”

Television footage showed Army and Red Cross personnel loading the remains of the victims on military trucks.

“We will extend assistance to the victims. We will also look at the liabilities,” Pasig City Mayor Vicente Eusebio said in a separate interview.

ABS-CBN anchor Karen Davila announced on air that the Lopez-owned network was “saddened” by the tragedy and would shoulder the medical and funeral expenses of the victims.

Quoting initial reports, Querol said the stampede erupted after a heckler shouted to the crowd that there was a bomb.

“We are looking at the lack of a security arrangement,” Eastern Police District (EPD) Chief Director Oscar Calderon told reporters.

Bodies covered with blankets were still lying on the street outside the stadium as paramedics prioritized those still alive so they could be taken to hospitals.

A little boy was seen crying over the body of his mother, trying to awaken her.

Relatives of the dead said they were told that tickets to the show were supposed to be given out starting at 6 a.m. By 7 a.m., the restive crowd started pushing and shoving to get inside the gates.

Some were clambering up the roof while others were squeezing their bodies inside the gates that were being opened at times.

As of 10 a.m., hundreds of people were still waiting outside the stadium, apparently waiting for a final decision on whether the show would go on.

“Wowowee” was planning to give away big prizes, including 1 million pesos, a house and lot, and a car for its anniversary.

Show host Willie Revillame, in an interview with ANC television, said he was saddened by the incident. But he said he was still willing hold the show on Saturday noon at the Philsports arena.

Thousands of people were still streaming through the area after the incident, milling around dead bodies and blocking the entry of ambulances.

Discarded shoes and slippers along with broken bottles and food were scattered all around the stadium. With reports from Joel Francis Guinto ,; Jocelyn Uy and Luige del Puerto, Inquirer; AFP, AP

Eight-eight dead, 201 injured in stampede at Philippine stadium


2/4/2006 3:00:00 PM
Source : AFP

Eighty-eight people were killed and as many as 201 others injured in the Philippine capital Saturday when thousands stampeded for stadium seats at a television game show, rescuers said.

Red Cross officials said 88 people were confirmed dead while Health Secretary Francisco Duque said the total number of injuries reached as many as 201.

Thousands of people stampeded into the Ultra stadium in Manila at dawn to secure limited seats hours ahead of the live broadcast of a popular television variety show called “Wow-wow-wee” on broadcast giant ABS-CBN.

The show offered a top prize of one million pesos (19,250 dollars).


Another email from Lino

Tama. Today’s tragedy at Ultra partly reflects the economic hardship that this country is in – in spite of the economic statistics being shown that we are improving. The statistics are showing half truths. People don’t mind waiting overnight and waiting in long lines – with the hope of winning big prizes from TV game shows, etc. Take a look at how long the Lotto lines are. No wonder that 10% of the total Philippine population have gone abroad and it is the big remittance that is helping to prop up the economy. Lino N.

Wowowee stampede death toll rises to 79

Taken from:
National (as of 1:34 PM)

The death toll in the stampede Saturday at Philsport stadium (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig City rose to 79, Vice-President Noli de Castro said.

The figure was announced by de Castro during a press conference at the stadium.

The stampede broke out around 6 a.m. as thousands lined up to get tickets for the popular noontime gameshow Wowowee, police said.

They said the crush at the stadium came when organizers of the first anniversary celebration of the gameshow began handing out tickets to people, many of whom had been camping outside for days.

Some witnesses said chaos erupted when someone in the crowd shouted “bomb,” but others said that people surged forward when guards began giving out tickets at around dawn.

Most of the victims were elderly and were crushed against a steel fence at one gate into the stadium.

“We were happy. We only wanted to have fun and then this thing happened,” Nimfa Santos said on local radio, adding she had been waiting with a group of women. “I don’t know what happened to the others.”

Bodies of the victims were lined up on the street outside the stadium, their faces covered with sheets and blankets.

“My mum died,” Alberto Herrera said on radio. “Please help me. I don’t know what to do.”

Dozens of people were hurt. But Pasig Mayor Vicente Eusebio said he did not expect the death toll to rise.

The noontime show “Wowowee” is one of the most-watched in the Philippines, offering large prizes of cash and merchandise. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. announced that the special airing of Wowowee has been canceled due to the tragedy. The show was planning to give away big prizes, including P1 million, a house and lot and a car for its anniversary.

DZMM also reported that a total of 145 people were hurt during the stampede and are currently confined at the Rizal Medical Center (RMC) in Pasig City.

According to Dr. Tito Marcial of RMC, a total of 10 people are confirmed dead from the stampede in the hospital.

Rescue groups like the Philippine Red Cross have already deployed teams to the area.

A Phillipine Army truck arrived to transport the fatalities to the Arlington Funeral Homes in Pasig City and to the Medical City also in Pasig.

Police said the unidentified bodies were taken to the Arlington Funeral Homes.

A separate DZMM report said that one of the fatalities was identified as one Belen Comia of Sampaloc, Manila. She was identified through her postal ID.

Vice-President Noli de Castro arrived at ULTRA around 10:20 a.m. He declined to grant interviews.

De Castro was in his morning show over DZMM when the news of the stampede was first reported in the station.

The ABS-CBN management had announced it will shoulder the medical and funeral cost of the victims of the stampede.

Email from Ric near Ultra

From the same OFW Mailing List…

I live near that place…. Have talked to some people… I almost cried…. really a tragedy…

This is a picture of our fellow countrymen here in the Philippines… kawawa talaga tayong mga pinoy… marami ang nagbabakasakali na mag ka pera…. ganyan kahirap ang mga tao dito… people came from all places… I have talked to someone who came as far as mindoro…. she almost died too due to stampede…


66 Confirmed Dead at Ultra, Wowowee Event :(

I just checked the time, Manila Time, it is 10:50am. An email came in from an OFW email list I am a member of. Saying that 66 died at the Ultra statium, where the TV program Wowowee was held. A stampede broke out killing 66 people. I went to INQ7 right away, no news. I went to Manila Bulletin, no news. I went to, very nice, it forwarded to some resort. ABS CBN does not own the domain. Yehey News was up to date. The news is fresh and was online right away. Copy of the article below:

66 dead in stampede at Philippine stadium: reports
2/4/2006 10:50:00 AM
Source : AFP

Sixty-six people were killed and many more injured on Saturday when a stampede broke out at a stadium in the Philippine capital, local radio quoted unnamed officials at the scene as saying.

Metro Manila authority executive director Lito Vergel De Dios said in a radio interview that a crowd had been gathering around the ULTRA stadium since Wednesday to get into the taping of a popular television variety show.

He was earlier quoted as saying 54 people had been killed.

Officials contacted by AFP said they were still trying to compile a total from all the hospitals in the area.

De Dios said someone in the crowd was believed to have shouted “bomb,” sparking a panic that caused people to trample one another.

Dead bodies, most of them women, were taken out of the stadium on stretchers and laid down on a dirty street, covered with newspapers, plastic bags and discarded cloth.

A little boy was seen crying over the body of his mother, trying to awaken her.

Thousands of people were still streaming through the area after the incident, milling around dead bodies and blocking the entry of ambulances.

Discarded shoes and slippers along with broken bottles and food were scattered all around the stadium.


Sad news. 🙁

What’s Wrong with Phenylpropanolamine and Paracetamol?

Where is Paracetamol?

When I was in the Philippines last December, I caught a fever, colds and cough. Commonly for anything related to fever and pain relief, Paracetamol is one of the generic drugs that would come to mind for the common Filipino since these are commonly found in the Phillipines. Some of the popular brands are Biogesicâ„¢ and Tempraâ„¢. I still remember old TV commercials of Biogesicâ„¢ promoting that Paracetamol is safe for pregnant women, people with heart ailments and asthma.

But here in the US, after a visit at the drug store… I went through each pain killer of the shelf and of course the most popular known is Aspirin which is like an everyday word. And this is Acetamenophen having one of the most popular brands as Tylenol. Another popular brand is Advil. But I noticed all of the off-the-shelf pain killers were either Acetamenophen or Ibuprofen. I wonder why there is no Paracetamol based pain killers in the US off-the-shelf drugs? Is it because of some policy the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) that did not allow this but such ruledoes not exist in the policies of the Philippines’ Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)? In extreme pain, in the Philippines you can also buy Mefanemic Acid pain killers like the popular Ponstan 250.


I know Phenylpropanolamine has been banned in large doses since it is used in some rapid weight loss drugs and has several bad side-effects. But in small doses, it is used in medicines for the common colds in the Philippines. Nearly every cold tablet in the Philippines is Phenylpropanolamine, from Neozep to Decolgen, to Ornex to Dimetapp.

And here in the US, not a single cold tablet or syrup uses Phenylpropanolamine. All use Pseudoephedrine. I wonder if the US FDA does not allow to use Phenylpropanolamine even in small amounts why uses that is allowed by the Philippines’ BFAD.

I am a Chemist by profession, but I am not Pharmacist. Generic names are actually nicknames and are not the actual scientific compound names. In chemistry, standardization of naming conventions was done by International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and from the names of compounds, you already get to know what it is made of based on the name alone. Some compounds have very long names that pharmaceutical companies make nicknames of the compounds to make the name shorter. Phenylpropanolamine is a good IUPAC name since I know it is nothing but phenol, propanol and an amine group stuck together. Phenol is benzene with a hydroxy group attached to it and benzene is a known carcinogen. I know Phenylpropanolamine has many harmful effects in large doses, but so does anything in large doses. Menthol which is in a bunch of candies and ointments is harmful to some extent, and even the ordinary Luffa is said to be carcinogenic.

Well just wondering why…


– I am not claiming to be an expert in the field of pharmacy.
– I am not stating which type of medicine is better than the other.
– I am not promoting any type of brand of medicine.
– I do not work for any pharmaceutical company.
– I am not a doctor nor pharmacist.
– You may not quote me for scientific or statistical facts. I am not even sure of the spellings I wrote. It is just how I remember them. Thus this is not a reliable source of factual data.
– All brands mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

I am just wondering why the predominant drug differs in the US and Philippines.

I feel bad, I feel good

I feel bad…

…so many projects, so little time.

…some delayed, way delayed.

…so many clients, so many customer support inquiries, so little sleep.

…Philippine Web Awards, still need to do judging, so little time.

…program on registration, database, etc for the San Diego Taekwondo Championship on October 29.

…Pritchon, Martal, JLM, Some work on Mansmith, Waters coming soon…

…so many clients wanting to resell, waiting for my go signals on many matters… Lex’s signup forms, JL’s plans.

…Server administration… *&&@#$%^^&#@!% you hackers. You make life harder.

…YDS Website, forever under construction, PayPlus+ integration, trouble ticket, FAQs, billing system…

…Hosting clients with super delayed payments. Don’t worry I am not going to mention who you are. Your domains are going to get stolen.

…Computer problems, still some important files on my hard disk fried by the Sept 20 San Diego lightning storm.

…two YDS websites out of competition at the Philippine Web Awards.

…zero money, bought plane tickets.

I feel good…

…my family loves me.

…I am going home in the Philippines in December. Vacation approved. Leave at Dec 3. Come back on Dec 27.

…First salary after my increase, (but does not mean i have more money, it means I can pay the bills easier.)

…New Domain and Hosting Client, Gema just paid for her domain transfer.

…One YDS website got into the semifinals of the Philippine Web Awards., please vote for her site. Visit, register and vote.

…Amor helping out the company

…Wifi at North Olympus home on Monday. #@#$%$&^# that DSL. Never came to us.

…100+ clients, I can’t memorize them anymore, I remember in 1999, I know each and every domain, I even know configuration settings of each one. I can easily login remembering everything. Clients never got more than hmmm… 30 I guess. Today 100+ clients paying on a regular renew, just make them happy so they do not go away.

…I am alive, clean living. God is alive.

…I am starting to learn more about my Dad’s decision making.

Life is Good… Life Sucks… But still good… But still sucks.