Been Blogging on Other Places

My personal blog is usually just my personal crap. Haven’t been updating it and has been blogging on other places.

Pacman vs Larios

I watched Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar Larios, and paid $30 bucks also just like Seoph Martinez. It was a non-stop continuous fight and Pacman seemed to be a smarter fighter. I always liked his fake right jab to left straight, then sidestep to the leftside of the opponent and go around him. He did at a lot of times.

Isulong SEOPh Contest

The SEO Contest I joined has been keeping me busy, I think too busy that I just do not want to look at it right now. Because once I do, I spend my whole time on it. And I should be worried by now since my entry has been going up and down the SERPs, right now it went back down to page 3. And my brief moments on page 1 were really too brief and too many people are doing this contest, maybe full time. Pretty hard to catch up. Although I have a lot of ideas that can be done, I really don’t have much time to do it. It is very tempting to work on an Isulong SEOPh SEO Contest entry, but there is really a lot of work to be done.


Aside from business, yes I still do have a day job. I resigned from Einstein Industries and has been working with Geary Interactive. I started June 22 at Geary. After working some extra hours for a rush project, I was able to receive a $100 Gift Card for Best Buy and I have complained before about a credit card before and I just paid everything due to them and closed my account there. They sent me another letter to reopen the account that included a Best Buy $25 Gift Card. So I had $125 to spend on Best Buy, and after deciding what I wanted to buy… I decided to get a Hard Disk.

In Sept 2005, a bad lightning storm hit San Diego. I burned several of my stuff, phone wiring, and some computer parts. My PC was no longer bootable. The hard disk wont boot, and could not install Windows over it either. But somehow, the data could still be read as a slave drive. It was a 120GB drive and I planned to back it all up and reformat it and reinstall everything again. It’s just a long time consuming task to do that I never done since Sept, 2005 and has been working off my laptop every since. But since I spent the $125 on a new hard disk, I got a 250GB SATA 7200RPM 16MB cache drive, and it was more expensive than $125, but I just needed to add $47.39. It is my first 250GB drive, my first SATA drive since I always used EIDE for a long time. My first 7200RPM drive and all I used before were 5400 RPM and my first 16MB cache hard drive. So I expect a lot more speed in my desktop, but I still have to put everything together and installl everything.


Business is cool. I need to streamline a lot of processes, and backorder jobs are catching up on us. I have yet found the perfect project management system. And making my own consumes so much time. And right now I am 100% convinced I am willing to pay someone to work on it than me spend even more hours working on it. Whatever I invest in this system will do better in my business processes and make the production, and account processes streamlined and make life easier and will help me accomodate more sales. I believe I am learning so much right now, so much that is greater than what i can do alone. Both on the technical side on improving my craft, SEO and SEM, marketing, sales, business management and it is just making me realize, I cannot do all of this sh*t. I cannot afford all the employees as well at the moment. Thus I will just invest in automating everything that can be automated, and will outsource the tools I need to be created as well if needed since the more this gets delayed, the worse it gets.

I have just started in the monetization of websites last January this year and so far it is earning small, but at least growing at a slow stable rate. I do not care how small income is from passive income. Anything that is passive income to me is good. I kind of like small passive income than high paying but very time consuming projects. Giving up sleep and using so much time is not good. I’m getting old, my family is not here yet, my daughters are growing up.


I got to go to the NVC this month, and file some paper work for my family to get here. I received soem paper work already from my wife and I have to start filing stuff and paying stuff as well. I got to schedule one appointment with the NVC. I miss everyone back home.

Broken Site? Check it right now before it get’s fixed! LOLz

After browsing around, I just landed at the website of Brown College in Altanta, Georgia for some reason. And I got to this page

Brown College Medical Transcription Coding

This is a Medical Transcription course at Brown College and they teach Medical Coding. Look at the code, this looks real hardcore coding right there. Some kind of encryption algorithm they teach for their transcription. And did you know it is legally fine to use stock photos even if you did not buy them? The only requirement is you leave their watermark on the photo. A closer view below.

Closer View of Encrytion and Free Stock Photography

Very high-tech education on encryption algorithms, this must be a very good school! Check the page on Brown College now before they change the page.

Tour of San Diego

Today is Cinco de Mayo, here in San Diego is it also party time in some areas. And our company president, Robert C. Silkey of Einstein Industries may this day a special day to all employees. He opened up what he calls it a town hall meeting. Where we were all in the parking lot and talked about the future plans and present actions being taken by the company. He also answered all annonymous emails from the anonymous board and takled them very well. I believe he has please everyone and seemed honest about what can be done, what cannot be done and what will be done at Einstein Industries, Inc.

This meeting ended early as everyone was invited to the Cinco de Mayo party at his house. And after printing out some maps, and stayed for a while to wait for Mook work on some Flash stuff, we drove away heading to Robert’s place as Mook followed where I went. I rarely get lost with a map, but that day, I got lost a lot of times and I think I was passing the streets I need to turn in to. Maybe it was also because I was also keeping an eye on Mook if he was also still following behind, while I also paid attention to where we were going and I did not seem to see the right streets i needed to turn to.

After driving and we stopped for a second at 7-11, and asked the UPS guy that was there on how to get to Robert’s place, it was already 4pm and Mook also needed to pick up his wife after work. And I felt sorry for him and guilty since he was following me and I got lost, and so we both got lost. And we decided that I will go to the party and he will go and pick up his wife. Mook told me to tell hi to everyone and enjoy myself telling the story.

That time we were past Sea World already, and we drove following the instructions that I still can remember given by the UPS guy. Sea World Drive, just go straight, you will go over the bridge going over the 5 highway and once you get down, that is Morena Boulevard. I got to Morena without any problem, now, as I drove along Morena, I just didn’t see where I had to turn and I got to a point where I drove until it seemed the end and drove back. I noticed Morena and West Morena and I just gave up using too much gas already.

Sorry Mook also for the gas and time. If ever you were late for picking up your wife, tell her sorry also.

Well for me, it was another tour of San Diego.

Another Version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Canon in D has been used many times as I have mention in my previous post. And good friend of mine Louie Morales has decided to send me an mp3 of the song but it does not seem to be complete, but good enough. And I did not listen to it right away since I though I would feel like I have listened to this song to much already that any version may not sound that impressive compared to the first time I heard the song Canon in D by Pachelbel. But this acapella version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D is just different that it still find this song very nice to listen to over and over.

Raredog’s Website

Raredog, jumble that up, and you can form the real name of Geri. Geri goes a long way back in 1989 I remember. During those days he was riding a BMX with a small plastic skull above the handle post. I was a BMX quarterpipe newbie that time and just barely goes over the coping. As my front wheel passes the top of the ramp, I turn back in. And Raredog used to fly above and during those years when backflips, flairs, tailwhip airs were not yet invented, Raredog was pulling of X-ups, Candybars, common one-footers and other tricks that are classics today. And since we are from the Philippines, we do not really think of safety that much, so we have minimal gears, most of the time without helmets. For some reason, I think even i considered knee pads and shin guards more important than a helmet since pedal grinds on your shins are really painful.

1989, such a long time, I do not ride the way I used to, and Raredog is all into scooters. Now he’s a blogger too! He has a new website.

A Peek of the Future: John Travolta Reincarnated

We all know John Travolta, if you don’t, he was in several movies and some of the notable John Travolta movies are Pulped Fiction, Swordfish, Face Off, Phenomenon, Staying Alive and Greese. You can search a complete filmography of John Travolta here. I have read several articles saying that John Travolta has autism, that he is gay and he is into scientology.

John Travolta has shown great dancing skill in Staying Alive and Greese. In the movie Greese which was also like a musical, John Travolta was paired up with excellent actress and signer Olivia Newton John. Although there were some rumors that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were not equally compatible off-screen compared to their on-screen appearances, their on-screen appearance was like magic.

If you believe in the Hindu belief of reincarnation, as what they call Karma, where when a person dies, depending on the life that person lived, he may have a better life and wealthier when he is reborn into a new body if he lived a good life before dying. And if one was bad, he may be reborn in a lower status of life or even not human. You can be an animal or plant as punishment. Based on research, this was true, and using clairvoyant technology, (Similar to what you saw in the Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise where 3 psychics that can see the future, are hooked up to machines that can show on a video screen what is in their mind.) a video of John Travolta in the future was seen as he was reincarnated. And using past life regression, it was determined that the being in the future was indeed John Travolta and he even did a remake of the movie Greese, but no longer with Olivia Newton John.

Below is a video of the future, using clairvoyant technology showing John Travolta’s remake of the movie Greese.

Where is the One Dollar?

Tricky Question:

This involves a little bit of math.

I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that cost $17, but I had no money. I then borrowed $10 from Juan Dela Cruz and another $10 from John Doe.

I bought the shoes and got $3 as change. I paid Juan Dela Cruz $1, so I owe him $9. I paid John Doe $1, so I also owe him $9. All I have left is $1.

So I owe them both $9 and I have $1. That is $9 + $9 + $1 = $19. So where did the extra $1 go? Isn’t the total supposed to be $20?

Cool Video Mix

Big Screen Version – Some dude who put together various newscaster videos from FoxNews with some background beat and DJ magic. Watch the video below, it’s cool.

If you listen well to the video, I think there is a line saying “Do you have nightmares to the Firefox?” Is this a message for Microsoft Internet Explorer, giving it a Firefox nightmare? Hahaha.

Posted video for DJ Happee’s last day at work (as a web designer at a web company). Good luck and have a nice time with your new web job, as well as your 11 year DJ job of course.