Keep up-to-date with football!

NFL or College Football, you can be updated with the schedules at a glance. Sometimes looking and searching online can be confusing and you need to turn on your computer. Having the football schedules with you in your pocket all the time would really be great. And that is why I like Doc Sport’s College and NFL Football Schedule. I bring it everywhere, very comprehensive. I have one in my car, and another beside the TV. They give it away for free so you don’t lose at all. Just pay for shipping which is not that much.

When I got my copy, all I can say is that this guy, the Doc is The Source. He has been in this business since 1971, that is a very long time which makes him an authority in these sports journals. Aside from footbal schedules you have a lot of valueble stats that can help you a lot in betting. I think Fantasy Football people would love this. At the back there are also a few coupons you might want to check out.

Watching over your kids without watching?!?!

Growing up kids is enjoyable, you do not really want to spy on them, and still give them enough freedom to breathe, but you still would want to monitor them in a way just to ensure they are going up in the right direction.

In the information age, the Internet has been a tool that has been used in both good ways and bad ways. And I guess one concern of many parents is what do their children do online? Chatting and emails have been tools also of the malicious people looking for targets of prey, from pedophiles to scammers, phishing attempts and plain robbers getting information about your home. With the high volume of pornography, illegal gambling, illegal selling of drugs online and adult dating websites, you would want to take some extra precautionary measures.

One way to be sure is by the user of keylogger programs. A good keystroke logger can make parents feel more secure without staying over the shoulder of your children. A leader in the keystroke logging software is Spectorsoft. and you might want to check them out. They have been mentioned in several TV programs and magazines. They can monitor emails, blogs, surfing activity, chatting and more. This may also have other applications in the business world as well as in private investigation purposes.

Cool Freeware for PDAs

I found this cool site with a nice software for PDAs, Newsland. On my previous Palm’sthe m100, IIIxe, Zire 7.1 and Treo 600, I was a fan of AvantGo. But now that I got my new Treo 700 smartphone running on Windows Mobile. Newsland is the perfect replacement for AvantGo and I am happy using it synchronizing all the news I like, especially when I want to keep up to date with the latest in science and technology.Newsland is the perfect news application tool to keep up-to-date while on the go.

Another Version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Canon in D has been used many times as I have mention in my previous post. And good friend of mine Louie Morales has decided to send me an mp3 of the song but it does not seem to be complete, but good enough. And I did not listen to it right away since I though I would feel like I have listened to this song to much already that any version may not sound that impressive compared to the first time I heard the song Canon in D by Pachelbel. But this acapella version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D is just different that it still find this song very nice to listen to over and over.

Where is Berris Trick Team?

I just received an email:

Hi Benjie,

I saw your profile in internet and im trying to keep in touch with the berris bmx team I am  also a member of berris trick team back on the days….I just want to know by chance maybe you know address and phone number of berris bmx store in sampaloc.

And also about building the a website how much  it cost to make one…thanks hope to hear from you soon…

Sony Bolus

Wow, talk about blast from the past! lolz. That was like 20 years ago, actually my most active BMX days were 1988 to 1993 I think although interest in BMX racing and freestyle started as early as 1986. Man, I that old already? And I still want to ride ramps if given the time. When is it time to let go? I got 2 Mountain Bikes and 2 BMX’s in the Philippines and 1 BMX here in the US. Or do I have zero mountain bikes? I heard Allan Go brought the mountain bikes to Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Which reminds me of my BMX in the Philippines, the one in North Olympus, that I believe I have spent a total of P35,000 (about US $700) and it was kept it in the rain for 2 years, and looks good as trash today. That’s a easy let go. It looks worthless. The freewheel rear sprocket will surely be rusty. But that will not go to the trash right away. Those have original Shimano DX pedals. Every BMXer wants those, compared to some Victor Pedal imitation. The Araya rims for sure will still be great. Maybe I will take it apart and just get what still has value and put something together when the house in the Philippines gets bigger with a nice covered garage.

As for Sony, sorry, I have no contact information of the Berris Trick Team, nor was I active with the group. I was always with Rad World, the people in Lagro, Novaliches, Quezon City, and when that group died, I had several set of BMX buddied in the Teresa Heights, and occassionally went to Villa Sabina in Talipapa to ride the Quarter Pipe.

And I just went to Berris to buy parts and watch the other freestylers. But do you agree that the Berris quarterpipe was kind of extended in front? It was kind of shaped differently. I also had a chance to just ride the launch ramp once in Guadalupe and also jam around with the flatlanders by the parking lot of SM North EDSA. I personally do not know everyone by name, mostly by face and by bike. Except the oldies in Lagro and Talipapa in Novaliches since they were closer to me by location.

When it was the time of the Philippine’s XGames qualifiers for Asian XGames, that was already like my BMX retired period. And I just go to watch the Philippine Radness as it progressed from what it was before. Still we (pinoys) need a lot to work on to really become competitive. Like in the Philippines… at least 1 or 2 can do a backflip, 1 or 2 can do tailwhip airs, 1 or 2 can do 900’s and these 1 or 2 people are not the same people. Unlike in the US, backflips are like basic to all ramp riders today. But more ramps are coming out in the Philippines, and more riders are progressing, so maybe there is a good future for BMX in the Philippines. Let’s see. And to answer your question, nope, sorry I do not have the address or phone number, but I think I have heard they are closed already.

Funny thing is that this was so long time ago, but I still raced in June 2002 and got a not-so-cool 4th place with no prize!

This Post is Dedicated to All Lives that were Lost last September 11, 2001

If you did not watch the video yet and just decided to scroll down, here is more information about it:

Dylan Avery has created a documentary about the 9-11 tragedy and has documented everything very well. I still give the benefit of the doubt, his documentary video may be questionable, but the news and press releases with the known and accepted truth are also questionable. True or not, I believe people should see this video and give it to the viewer to decide for the video about the September 11, 2001 tragedy on four airplane crashes at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon and the failed airplane crash heading for the White House.

A few points described well in this video:

  • 7 of 8 black boxes were not found for all plane crashes. Black boxes that record all flight data are stored in heavy titanium that can withstand almost all of the toughest physical damage.
  • Eye witness accounts say that the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the World Trade Center did not look like a commercial airplane at all.
  • Videos seems to show an explosion just before impact of the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, signifying a missle was shot just before impact.
  • The crash at the Pentagon did not seem to be caused by a Boeing 757, American Airlines Flight 77. All it had was a small hole and no damage was caused by the large wings a Boeing 757 has and all lamp post were bent away from the Pentagon.
  • No large debris of a Boeing 757 was found around the Pentagon. All debris were carried by hand.
  • Many airplane parts are made of Titanium that has a melting point of 1,688oC. And high grade jet fuel burns at a maximum of 1,000oC. Many engine parts should be visible even after the crash event.
  • The Pentagon Flight 77 crash engine debris found looked like a single turbo prop engine that experts say came from a JT8D Turbofan Engine from a US Air Force A3 Skywarrior that only a few are flying today.
  • The defuser case found at the Pentagon crash did not have the same defuser case similar to a Boeing 757 of American Airlines Flight 77.
  • The wheel hub found was not consistent with a wheel hub of a Boeing 757 but similar to smaller military aircraft.
  • The damage caused on the Pentagon looks like a cruise missle damage.
  • Eye witnesses tell mixed stories, some saw a commercial airplane, some saw something that did not look like a commercial airplane.
  • A plane looking like a military C-130 was flying right after the so called crash event.
  • The Sheraton Hotel surveillance camera that has the Pentagon in view was confiscated by the FBI, minutes after the attack.
  • Many of the eyewitnesses of the event at the World Trade Center were convinced that there were many explosions after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. And in the history of many burning buildings, only one aside from the twin towers have collapsed due to internal fire. Signifying that the World Trade Center was demolished using professional controled demolition explosions. The explosions are viewable on tape.
  • The base of the World Trade Center after the event during clean up has shown evidence of molten steel right at the base of the main foundation. As if the bottom was exploded by bombs.
  • The lobby looks like it was exploded by a bomb and exploded even before collapse and the airplane crash happened 94 more floors above.
  • Underwriters Laboratories’ Kevin Ryan wrote a letter to Frank Gail of the of the National Institute of Science and Technology saying that the steel used for the construction of the World Trade Center passed ASTM E119 steel strength quality and it will require 2000oF, and for it to melt and causing the whole tower to collapse will need about 3000oF to melt and cause it to fall. After a few days, Kevin Ryan was fired from his job.
  • Video cameras were not operational during the 9-11 tragedy and bomb sniffing dogs were removed just before the event.
  • The plane that claimed to fail to crash at the White House, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania had almost no debris but a small crater. The victims of the crash claimed to have called through their cellphones. And cellphones are not usable when in flight.
  • Eyewitnesses did not see a commercial plane flying over the Pennsylvania but noticed a different plane that seemed to be a military aircraft minutes before and after the crash event.
  • Video of Osama Bin Laden who claimed to have admitted the crash does not seem to be Osama Bin Laden, FBI files says Osama Bin Laden is left handed. And the video shows Osama Bin Laden writing with his right hand and wears a gold ring and watch.
  • Why some of the alledged hijackers are still alive. Very weird. But the FBI claimed that the actual pilots used falsified papers are not really the actual people.

Dylan Avery ends his video saying:

I know that it is hard to imagine that our own government would murder almost 3,000 innocent people.
But once you begin to accept that possibility, you can no longer go back to the 19 Arabs, or melting trusses or let’s roll. The official story becomes the conspiracy theory. America has been hijacked, not by Al-Qaeda, not by Osama Bin Laden, but by a group of tyrants ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep their stranglehold on this country. So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit down and take it? Or are we going to stand up and fight for what ever little freedoms we have left? The story of flight 93 is a perfect metaphor for the state of this country. A group of heroes willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the nation. Voted to take matters into their own hands, no matter the consequences. The time has come. Let’s roll.

Disclaimer: This blog post does not neccessarily voice out the views of the owner of this blog. This blog did not verify any truthfullness of this blog post and advises the readers of this blog and viewers of this video that is it the reader’s/viewer’s discretion whether or not to believe in this blog post. Which is the same with religion, what your teachers teach you in school, what your parents told you, what you read in books, and what you hear in a network marketing seminar. Think twice and use Rene Descartes’ rule of doubting everyting before believing to know the truth. Sabi nga ng Grin Department, Isipin ng sampung beses, count to 1, count to 2, count 3… count to 10, kantuten.

This blog post is a reposting of the same article I posted on my other blog. The latest news is I also bought myself a copy of the video, both first and second editions from Loose Change 911 Information. Once I receive the CD in the mail, I will post about the second edition.

Number 1 ABA BMX Amateur is Filipino-Korean

Being a BMX’er and a Filipino, I was just interested in posting this video I found online of Josh Oie.

The American Bicycle Association’s number 1 BMX’er is Josh Oie. Half Filipino-Half Korean.