Timing the Market

Best Time of the Day for a Swing or Position Trade

In trading stocks, some people really invest long-term, where they buy and hold, some hold them for a few weeks to a few months, and others constantly trade everyday. I see the advantage of day trading to get money in your pocket quickly but you have to be nimble. Always on your toes, watching the market well throughout the trading day. Or use some tools to pull the triggers at the right time for you. Since I am not a nimble trader and I do have a day job to attend to, day trading is hard, so I go swing trading.

In a down market, and with limited funds to run a margin account to play on the down side, the ways to earn by swing trading is either  go with the shorter up trends that happen within a day or several days, or to go long with contra ETFs. Last week I decided to look at stocks that have a good track record for the past 6 months. A stock that is not that volatile with signs of steady growth. I chose two, SAFM and

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